Tiny House Projects

Over the past years, we have been traveling all over the world exploring the very big world of very small architecture. The ingenuity that goes into making these small homes work never ceases to amaze me and it certainly inspires me to continuously push the boundaries in my own tiny house design / build projects, which we are always excited to share on our YouTube channel, and here on our website.

In this series, we explore not only good spatial design, but also good building practice, diving in to subjects such as building biology, healthy home building, and sustainable / regenerative architecture. We also dive into topics such as off-the-grid living, use of renewable energy sources, community building and much more.

One of my first projects was the Lotus Tent, a simple off the grid retreat space where I lived for a short time in Auckland, New Zealand. This was a wonderful journey into small space living which taught me a tremendous amount about downsizing, simplicity in design and utilisation of second hand construction materials.

My next project was the Little Zen Tiny House. This is a 16ft tiny house on wheels which was constructed in Tennessee, USA. Designed to be lightweight, ultra portable and live up to the harsh demands of life on the road, all while being a comfortable full-time residence. This home incorporated elements of passive house design technology to ensure that it’s incredibly well insulation, energy efficient and capable to travel to more extreme temperature regions.

The Campulance (or Ambulance camper) is one of our current projects. This is a Chevy c4500 Kodiak which has recently been retired from its service as an ambulance in Missouri, USA. In 2018 we used this as a camper to travel all over the mid-west and west coast of the united states after doing a very basic camper fit out. We now plan to do a full conversion on this camper to show just what is possible with these remarkable vehicles.

The Seed Of Life Tiny House is our latest design project and one which I am incredibly proud of. This is a tiny house on wheels which I started building right at the beginning of the YouTube channel and this build project was put on hold for many years while I was out of the country traveling for the show. In this build project, I worked together with building biologists and natural builders to explore healthy home building concepts, as well as themes of going off the grid in urban environments.