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The Living Big in a Tiny House web series is made possible with the help of fan funding via Patreon.

Here, your contribution helps us to create more frequent, better quality content and keep our show on the road!

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Just subscribing to our YouTube channel and watching our videos is already a big help and support and we really appreciate that! You can also help to support the show by sharing our videos with your friends and family.

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Unlike other creators on Patreon, we don’t have tiered levels of support. This means that whether you’re able to pay $1 or $5 per video, you’ll ultimately get the same rewards. We want to make all our content as accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of income and so we have a pay-what-you-can model in place.

Thank-you for your support! We look forward to having you on the team and continuing this amazing journey together with you.

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