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The Transforming Castle Truck

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Castle Truck When Parked

This incredible transforming house truck is one that you really have to see to believe. Completely folded up, it would look very similar to a regular house truck were it not for the two turrets on the back that give a hit of what it becomes. Once parked, the house truck completely folds out and transforms into a fantasy castle. When traveling, the entire house truck is a compact and tidy package. The roof retracts, the sides of the walls fold …

Transforming Tiny House Combines Beauty And Engineering For Artful Living

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When Gauri Ma and Nirvana got married, they promised each other that they would walk in the way of beauty and I’m quite enamoured in that sentiment. Beauty surrounds us all, it’s in nature, it’s in our relationships and it’s within ourselves. Seldom though, do we truly strive to make our living environment as artful as it could be, a true extension of the beauty we are capable of creating. When constructing their tiny house on wheels, this couple ensured …