Tiny House

Family Build Epic Modern-Country Style Tiny House

This family have created a stunning off-the-grid tiny home for themselves! Adam and Michelle are a build dream team. One a builder and the other an interior designer, between them they have created a spectacular home, perfectly designed for family living.

Off-The-Grid Tiny House Is Pure Design Genius

This spectacular high-spec tiny house is designed to be totally off-the-grid and is absolutely packed full of brilliant design features. Built by owner Mark, this DIY, handcrafted home has been incredibly well designed and constructed using top quality materials. 

Brilliant DIY Tiny House Makes Space For Some Huge Adventures!

This Modern Tiny House Is An Off-The-Grid Dream

In this weeks episode we meet Jason and Summer who live in an absolutely stunning, modern,  off-the-grid tiny house on wheels. This home is packed full of clever design features, wonderful art, and an impressive solar system which keeps their home powered.

Enchanting Tiny House & Gardens On Generational Family Farm

This spectacular tiny house, situated on a multi generational family farm, is absolutely breathtaking. Constructed largely  from a mixture of reclaimed materials and beautiful timbers which have been found on the farm, this home is absolutely packed with charm.  Ruby grew up on this farm. The family has a deep connection to this land and it's where Ruby wanted to deepen her roots by building her own home.

How This Stunning Tiny House Airbnb Enabled A Couple To Keep Their Home

In this weeks episode we meet Mike and Alison, an inspiring couple who have transformed their tiny house into a stunning Airbnb property, which has enabled them to keep their own family home.