Tiny House

They Turned This £1 Grain Silo Into An ASTOUNDING Tiny Home!

This week's story is really out of the ordinary! We visit an english backyard where an old grain silo, purchased online for only £1 has been transformed into a the most incredible tiny home.

This French Tiny House is a Multifunctional Marvel!

This week we travel to France to visit a stunning DIY tiny house built using natural, reclaimed materials. It's absolutely packed full of storage and clever multifunctional design ideas and all for an incredible budget of just US$20,000! This tiny house has everything!

UK Actors' Spectacular Tiny Home On London Outskirts!

A DIY build using almost entirely reclaimed materials, there is a tremendous amount to love about this home. It's fantastic, feature packed design makes the home not only lively but also immensely clever and functional.

21 Year Old's Ingenious £5,000 Tiny Home!

This weeks episode is my absolute favourite kind. An innovative tiny house design which has been DIY built and for a budget which is truly hard to believe!

Reclaiming Home: An Off-Grid Tiny House Wonder In Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

In this weeks episode we visit an incredible DIY-built, off-grid tiny home in Wales which has almost entirely been constructed using reclaimed materials. From windows rescued from a skip to beautiful fallen timber found on country walks, each and every item in this incredible tiny home has a story to tell.

For the Cost of a Year's London Rent, They Built This Amazing Tiny House!

If you're living in a big city and watching your income fade away into a giant black hole of rent, then this story is for you! This week we meet Lizzie and Patrick, an inspiring young couple who built their very own, incredible tiny house for the equivalent cost of just one years rent in London city!