Tiny House

Ultra Affordable DIY Tiny Home is Music To My Ears!

This is a tiny house story which is close to my heart, largely because Chris’ journey into tiny house living closely mirrors my own. The amazing tiny home that he has constructed has given this talented musician a wonderful roof over his head which allows him to now focus his time on creating his music.

Now This TINY HOUSE Will Turn Heads!

Now this is a tiny house that will turn some heads! DIY built and packed to the rafters in style, this home is beautiful in every which way you look.

Interior Designer’s Tiny Guest Home With Fantasy Glasshouse Dining Room

This backyard guest home is a little bit of paradise. Overlooking a private valley, with wrap around deck and stunning glasshouse dining room which looks as though it jumped out from the pages of a fantasy novel. This tiny guest house is definitely one to take notice of.