Tiny House

Nature Inspired Architecture In Twin Airbnb Tiny Houses On The Beach

Together with his wife Trish, old-school surfer Kevin has constructed two incredible tiny house Airbnb's on a spectacular section overlooking a surf beach on the wild west coast of New Zealand.

Young Doctor's Idyllic Tiny House In Vineyard

One of the things that I've always loved about tiny houses is the wide variety of people who call them home. In this weeks episode we meet Lauren, a young doctor who has built a stunning tiny house on wheels to give her a cosy place to live while she travels New Zealand gaining experience working at various hospitals around the country.

Family Build Epic Modern-Country Style Tiny House

This family have created a stunning off-the-grid tiny home for themselves! Adam and Michelle are a build dream team. One a builder and the other an interior designer, between them they have created a spectacular home, perfectly designed for family living.