All About Tiny House Trailers

The trailer makes up the foundation of a tiny house. This is one of the first design elements that you need to look into when considering a tiny house and it’s also one of the most important design elements to get right. On this page you will find a collection of videos showcasing the design and construction of our trailer by Munford Industries – Monoway Trailers.  They have also provided this fantastic Tiny House Trailer FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Our Tiny House Trailer Design

Our trailer is a custom designed and built twin axle Monoway trailer. The outriggers on this trailer have been specially designed to transfer the weight of the walls and the roof from the outriggers (the outside part of the trailer) to the axels.

In This next video we look at the overall requirements and design challenges of Tiny House trailers, and the specific criteria that they must meet in order to be road worthy in New Zealand. We look at materials and also some of the design concepts we have used to maximise the space in our Tiny House design.

Next, we look at the frame and structure as our Tiny House build gets underway. This was a really exciting moment for us, as starting the trailer build is like turning the first ground when constructing a regular house.

Here we look at the welding technique that is used, and go into more detail with the construction of the Tiny House trailer frame. It’s pretty obvious when you see this video that I have a way to go before I’ll be taking on any more welding jobs. 🙂

In this video we look at some very important features that have been built into our tiny house to provide additional structural strength. This includes elements such as the under-truss, drawbar brace, suspension hangers and even skid pads.

Because we live on an island in a place where our trailer is constantly exposed to salt air, galvanising our trailer was essential for us. Here we visit the team at Perry Metal Protection and talk about the galvanising process for our trailer.

With the trailer now galvanised, one of the last things to do was to fit the brakes and the related systems. In this video we look at what is required to make our trailer truly safe on the road.

If you’re living tiny, chances are you don’t want to own a huge car that is capable of towing it. For this reason, we have fitted a radio controlled brake system from Trail Parts. This feature is (in my opinion) an essential addition to the trailer, as it provides versatility in it’s ability to be towed by any vehicle.

If you’re interested in starting the journey to Tiny House living, make sure you give Monoway Trailers a call to get started on the right foot when it comes to trailer construction. See below for a Tiny House Trailer FAQ that they have put together.

Tiny House Trailer FAQ