Tiny House

Woman’s Dream Tiny House Even Has A Walk-In Wardrobe

Dolly’s Tiny House is absolutely incredible. While it may look a bit like a giant dollhouse, this wonderfully designed home is no toy. At 7.2 by 2.4 meters (23 x 8ft) this home on wheels fits a whole lot of house and is possibly one of the best designed homes that we have visited so far with an amazing amount of functionality built into a very small home. 

Inside, the design is a bit like a game of Tetris, and it really is amazing just how much has been fit into this impressive home. There’s a large kitchen, dining area, sleeping loft and lots of storage. Over the other end, the loft has been cleverly shaped to create a standing height loft office, guest room, lounge area, bathroom and even a walk-in wardrobe! Even packed with all those things in such a small footprint, the home still feels open and incredibly spacious.

When designing a tiny house, it’s important that you really think about your own needs in a home, and Dolly has truly done this. Being a bit on the short side has given Dolly an amazing advantage in being able to create a space where she is able to stand both in the downstairs walk-in-wardrobe, and the office space above. For her, this works perfectly and is a truly wonderful feature. For me on the other hand, walking into the wardrobe felt a bit like Gandalf entering a hobbit house.

Ultimately, that’s one of the things that I love most about tiny homes. It’s easy to make a large house work for anybody, but for a tiny house to work it needs to be really customised to the unique needs of the individual living within it and Dolly’s house is perhaps one of the best examples that I’ve seen of that so far.

Aside from the clever layout of the design, the style of the home equally matches her personality. It’s colourful, welcoming and feminine. Walking into this home just felt good and you can really see just how much Dolly loves living there. She has parked her home on an wonderful organic farm, where she had originally attended a tiny house building workshop. She once dreamed of living in a little house on a hill, and that vision has now come to life as her home overlooks some of the most beautiful Australian vistas.

Be sure to watch the full vide tour (above) to find out more about Dolly and her beautiful home and be sure to check out Dolly’s instagram page, Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels, to see more of her and her beautiful home.