From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin

Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer is perhaps best known as the original drummer for the rock band Love, which rose to fame in the late 60’s. After his time in the public eye, he retreated to a spectacular property in the Pacific Northwest where he was able to find privacy and solace amongst the trees where he continued to work on new music and art. 

Every part of this magical woodland cabin has a truly fairytale feeling. Alban has avoided using squares in his designs wherever possible and instead favours the curves which mirror the forest surrounding him. Even the lumber used keeps as much of it’s natural character as possible, the window trim still with a live edge, and the cedar shingles kept rough and organic. On this deck looking out into the trees, Alban can often be found sitting for hours at his table playing chess with his friends.

Inside, this nature lovers home still makes you feel as though you are deep in the forest. The entire home is kept open plan and is filled with wonderful wooden features.

The centrepiece of the home is the wood-stove which the whole downstairs area is focused around. Wherever you are in the home, you have a good view of the fire. There’s plenty of room to sit, relax with friends and to play music around the fire.

The kitchen is large and comfortable, providing lots of space to prepare meals while remaining open to the rest of the home. The fridge is cleverly hidden behind a stunning wooden cabinet which mirrors the rest of the kitchens style, once again giving the whole space the feeling as if it was grown and not built.

Perhaps one of the most unique additions to this home is the bathroom, which once again is kept open to the rest of the home. You can sit in the bath tub while someone passes you a drink from the kitchen. Alban has only ever lived in this space alone, or with his young family and as the toilet is kept outside, he felt there was no reason to close off this section of the cabin.

Moving into the upstairs space, you’re immediately greeted by an impressively artful balustrade made once again of sticks from the forest. When Albans daughter was young, this was installed to allow her to safely roam the area.

Upstairs you’ll find Albans bedroom. From here he can wake up to the morning sun and look out amongst the trees, or at night lie in bed and fall asleep to the glow of the fires dying embers. Surrounding him everywhere, are objects from all over the world which he has collected on his vast travels and adventures.

Music and artistic expression is still an incredibly important part of Albans life and in this upper part of the home he keeps his collection of instruments which he has again brought back from all over the world.

Here in this magical cabin in the woods, this creative soul has found a true place to call home. Alban has a deep and beautiful connection to his land and this forest. Here he finds inspiration to continue his art and his new music, which you can find here.