Amazing Modern Log Cabin Build - From DIY Kit-Set To Epic Off-Grid Getaway!

In this weeks episode we start an exciting project turning an awesome kit-set cabin into the ultimate modern, off-grid getaway! To find out more about these cabins, visit the Palmako website.  You can find Palmako kit-set cabins all over the globe! Find your local distributor here.

There's nothing quite like a cozy cabin. In fact, when I think of simple, close to nature human shelter the cabin is one of the first things that comes to mind. In this episode, we are building our own dream getaway cabin using the Palmako kit-set as a base and then adding onto it to take this cabin to the next level!

In this first video, we cover the site preparation, the foundations as well as the construction of the kit-set cabin itself! Built from beautiful nordic spruce timber, these kit-set log cabins are quick and simple to construct and the result is very impressive!

I want to say a huge thank-you to Palmako and their local NZ distributor, Trade Tested for supporting this project and helping to make what we do possible.

We hope you enjoy the video!