Tiny House

Stunning Modern Tiny House Sanctuary

In todays hectic, modern world, it’s never been so important to have a place to retreat to, a sanctuary space where you can leave the troubles of the world behind and where you feel nurtured and able to dream and create a life of your choosing. Entrepreneurial couple Derek and Jeffrey created such a sanctuary for themselves in the form of a stunning and modern tiny house on wheels.

Originally the tiny house build started out as a design project, an opportunity for the couple to work on a creative project together and create something really special. Initially the tiny house was designed with the idea that it would function as a BnB where it could be parked up in the drive-way of their Victoria BC townhouse and rented out to guests. Still, the couple designed the house as if it were going to be a space that they would want to live in themselves, and in the process completely fell in love with the house and decided to instead rent out the town house and move into the tiny home.

The couple were able to find an exceptional parking space for the home, moving it onto a lovely property with full services, where they overlook a stunning bird sanctuary. The location provides the perfect backdrop to the tiny house and helps to add to the serene feeling of their home, connecting it with the natural world, while still allowing them to be close to the city.

The exterior of the home is modern and masculine. A defined combination of cedar weatherboards and black metal gives the home a sharp and bold look. Lots of windows and large doors connect the home to the outdoors and provide great indoor /outdoor flow, paired with a great outdoor entertaining area.

Derek and Jeffrey have recently sold a successful, yet very stressful business. Part of moving into the tiny house has been allowing themselves to unwind, relax and have some time and space to plan for their future ventures. For that reason, much of the home has been designed to truly feel like a sanctuary space, keeping the home open, light and yet natural with a strong presence of cedar in the home. Often, the couple refer to the tiny house as their cedar sanctuary and upon walking into the home you are immediately hit with fresh scent of the timber.

There are all the essentials in this home. A great kitchen space with lots of preparation area and storage included, as well as all the modern appliances. The home is designed to have a good sized table, which is large enough for the couple to entertain guests. There’s a comfortable bathroom, lots of wardrobe space and a comfortable and cozy office.

The tiny house has a duel loft design. One loft functions as a living room area, where the couple can relax, read, watch television or watch the clouds go by via a large skylight. This loft also functions as a guest bedroom when needed. The loft is filled with sound healing tools, a new business venture which Jeffrey is embarking upon.

Over the other side, the second loft is the couples bedroom, giving them a wonderful and relaxing place to rest their heads at night and again, take advantage of starry views via another large skylight.

This modern tiny house sanctuary is filled with wonderful design ideas and truly is a beautiful home for the couple. Be sure to check out the full video tour (above) to find out more about this exceptional home. To follow the couple’s adventures, you can find both Derek and Jeffrey on Instagram.