On The Water

Life On The Water In A Tiny House Boat

If you love tiny homes but also the freedom of living on a boat, this small floating house boat could just be the ideal solution for you. Designed by Ian Ugarte in collaboration with architect Drew Heath this house on the water is designed to be the ideal live-aboard home.

Interestingly, this homes design was actually inspired by the Japanese brothel boats such as those found in Murotsu, Muro no Tsu 室津 in Harima no Kuni, now Hyogo prefecture, where the elongated design would allow the boat to pull up to the dock and allow male passengers to board, choose a room and then be dropped off at the next port.

Now though, this home which has been designed for family living and recreation couldn’t be further from it’s seedy design inspiration. It’s a fully functional and beautiful house boat which has absolutely everything a family requires.

The living spaces are all designed to fully capitalise on the incredible surrounding views and both the living room and the master bedroom have been designed to enable them to completely open up to the elements on a nice day, but also be fully enclosed should the weather turn.

The home is off the grid, generating it’s power through a solar system and with holding tanks for both fresh water and black / grey water storage. This home has been practically designed to stand up to the demands of the corrosive salt-water environment, including drainage holes throughout the boat which means everything can get wet should waves or wash make their way into the boat without causing damage.

The bathroom is far from your standard marine head and features a large shower, basin, vanity and a macerating toilet. The opaque glass window allows light to still flood into this room while still offering complete privacy.

In addition to a smaller sleeping quarters which has three bunk beds, there is also a large master bedroom at the aft end of the boat. Like the living room, the master bedroom is designed to completely open up to the elements and the surrounding views. There’s ample storage space below the bed as well as a large wardrobe for clothes storage.

For Ian and his family, small space living has become a way of life. He says one of the major benefits of living together in a small home is the way that it truly brings his family together and allows them to share all the important moments. Together with his wife Christine, Ian now works as an entrepreneur and educator seeking opportunities in the affordable housing market.  You can find out more about his mission via his website; small is the new big.

Simple and functional, this home combines the best of tiny house design and offers the complete freedom of life on the water. Be sure to watch the full video tour above to find out more about this incredibly tiny house boat and it’s unique design features.