Tiny House

Couple Build Incredible Tiny House For One Years Rent

This couple have built an absolutely beautiful, modern tiny house, and best of all, they have pulled off the entire build for a budget equivalent to just a years worth of rent in San Diego. In this weeks episode, we explore this stunning tiny house and meet its builders. 

Trysh and Saul are both traveling therapists and are no strangers to life on the road. Their carriers mean that they often find themselves needing to settle into new cities and they wanted to construct a home which could better reflect their semi-nomadic lifestyle, giving themselves a place to call home wherever they go. A tiny house on wheels was the perfect solution.

The entire project was done as a do-it-yourself build, where Saul did the vast majority of the home’s construction. Saul and Trysh spent a lot of time sourcing second hand materials throughout the build, helping to keep the budget down and Saul worked on completing the home in his spare time, often building the tiny house after finishing work for the day, and chipping away at the project into the early hours of the morning.

Amazingly, this high-end home was constructed for an unbelievable budget of only US$25,000, a testament to Saul’s perseverance with the DIY build and the couple’s clever sourcing of materials. That means this entire home was built for around the same amount of money that the couple would normally spend on one years rent living in San Diego.

And there is no compromise on quality. This home is cleverly deigned with many high end finishes. It’s also compact in size making it ideal for travel. To find out more about this impressive tiny house, make sure you watch the full video tour (above). You can follow Trysh and Saul’s traveling tiny house adventures on Instagram.