Living Big in a Tiny House Christmas 2018

We are working hard to get the tiny house finished in time for Christmas, and with the help of the elves we might just make it! Of course, we had to take a bit of a break to decorate the house to get into the spirit of the season. We also ventured into the Variant Spaces workshop, where Jake and Kasia help us to turn offcuts from our cabinetry into some lovely Christmas decorations for the tiny house. 

This has been an amazing year for us. We have reached an incredible milestone of one million subscribers on YouTube which is truly an amazing feeling. There’s certainly a lot to be thankful for this year!

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I'm a film-maker with a passion for small space design, permaculture, and downsized, eco-friendly living. Join me on my travels as I meet people from all over the globe who are living big lives in wonderful tiny houses!

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