Woman Builds Super-Spacious Dream Tiny House in New Zealand

When Antje wanted to build her own small dream house but was told that she must construct a home greater that 150 square meters, she started to look for alternatives. After spending some time researching her option on the internet, she decided that a Tiny House on wheels would be perfect for her needs. 


Although tiny when compared to normal homes, by tiny house standards, Antje’s dwelling is impressively large and spacious. Measuring 3m (10ft) x 8m (26ft) x 4.2m (14ft) the home is a little bit wider than most Tiny Homes in New Zealand, which are usually under 2.5m (8ft) wide to allow for easier transport on the road. The exterior of this home is clad in a mixture of cedar and colour-steel giving the home a warm, yet modern look.


Inside, the home is wonderfully light and spacious. With a very open-plan design and a definite charm radiating throughout the house. From her sleeping loft Antje has a wonderful view, not only of her own downsized grand design, but also the beautiful country-side surrounding her.


Although Antje worked with a builder to construct the home, her own personal touches can be found all throughout the Tiny House, such as this sofa that she constructed from pallet wood found on the side of the road.


The kitchen design also takes full advantage of the extra width provided by this home and uses full size, residential appliances. Impressively, this off-the-grid home is even able to power a domestic oven using the 6 PV panels which are located on the roof of the home.


Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this tiny house is the bathroom, which by Tiny House standards is incredibly large, providing more than enough space to even get comfortably dressed. Normally, it would be easy to say that dedicating so much space to a bathroom in a tiny house is wasteful but in this home, it works and the large bathroom does feel in proportion to the rest of the house.


One of the most notable features in the home has to be the concrete-look shower, which is constructed under the stairs which leads into the sleeping loft. This was cleverly constructed from pebbles, waterproofing membrane, paint and sealant to give the desired look, without the weight of a real concrete shower.


By constructing a house on wheels, Antje has been able to build a beautiful home that is truly her own. The result is a spacious, modern and edgy tiny house which has all the comforts of a larger home. There’s certainly no compromise here in terms of space, or design.

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

15 Responses to Woman Builds Super-Spacious Dream Tiny House in New Zealand

  1. Patrick Mckowen

    Would love to get a 1 yr update on this one – things she would have done different – has she worked hot the solar for cooking.
    I want to do tiny with all solar heating – gas or wood back up heat. Is any one doing that.
    I was thinking of a separate solar trailer that can then be oriented separately. I am 52 and just starting to explore ideas for retirement at 60.
    Great work – I will look to add to your Patreon.


    May I please have contact for Paul, looking for SIPS panels

  3. Sharon

    I love your home and would like to build one in the USA

    Would Antje be able to share the design plans?


  4. Sarah Moreira

    The best one yet. So simple.

  5. Karen

    Hi Bryce

    I’d love to have a chat with Antje to learn how her home’s 3m width fits into NZTA’s regulatory framework and her experience in navigating this. I’ve had a lot of contradictory advice to date! Would you mind please passing on my email address or vice versa if Antje would be happy to share her experience?

    Thanks very much for the video tour, this is a fantastic home!

  6. Ally

    Hi Bryce!

    I am a future owner of a tiny house and are in the early stages of the designer face, and love what Antje has done with the sofa, especially the shelving behind the sofa for photos and coffee cups. Is there a way to contact Antje for the design for the sofa as she designed it herself?

    Loving all your videos, I seen them pretty much all! So great!

    Thanks Bryce!

    Kind Regards, Ally

  7. ToriCannon

    Is there any way of contacting the builder that Antje used please?

    • Janei

      I would like that information also

  8. Matt Quirk

    Hi, fantastic build and finish.

    I’m wondering about the legality of towing if you go to 3m width? Does that count as oversize, but still within limits of what can be towed without any special permits, pilot vehicles, etc. Any ideas where to find where this size sits in terms of category?

    Would love to go to 3m width if it can still be moved relatively easily.

    Thanks, love the site!


  9. Isaac

    Amazing home! Is there anyway that we can get the floor plans for it? That would be awesome

  10. James

    Is Antje from Germany?

  11. Chris

    The issue as always is land and in New Zealand the price borders on the insane. I would like to know how others address the issue of land and by that I don’t mean asking a friend if I can park my tiny house on their land as they all live in the city.

  12. olivia.ballantyne

    OMG I need to visit

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