Living Simply in a Wonderful Tiny House Truck

Giving up the rat race and living simply in a mobile home is something that many of us have dreamed about, at least at some stage in our lives. How many still wonder what path their life would have journeyed down if they had given it a go?


Wayne and Anita are a wonderful couple who have chosen simplicity over complexity, and freedom over debt and stress. Over six months ago, they made the decision to downsize their life and live permanently on the road in their wonderful tiny house truck.


Wayne works part time as a gardener, bringing in enough income to sustain a modest life, filled with simple pleasures.


Their home is around 4 x 2.5 meters (13x8ft) and contains everything they need. A sleeping loft with storage underneath, a lovely kitchen, woodstove and spacious living area.


A bathroom is set up in a tent outside their home, giving them more space inside the living room, where they eat, relax, entertain and spend the evenings enjoying nature, and each other’s company.


Together, they have found a fantastic balance of life, work and freedom that allows them to grow as people, and make the most out of the things that truly matter to them.

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About Bryce

Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

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  1. Brian

    Bryce, I really appreciate your videos, have been watching them for quite a long time. I particularly love the one with Wayne and Anita, and was wondering if you had any information on them, just an update or something like that? Hope they are doing well! Thanks again!

    Take care.

    • Bryce

      Hey Brian. Thanks so much for your comment. Wayne and Anita are doing well. Now that I’m back in NZ I would love to catch up with them myself. The last I heard they have actually purchased a small home together somewhere up north. It would be great to do a follow-up with them.

  2. Kevin

    I would appreciate information on that wood stove. After reading through the comments I see the questions about it were never answered so I thought I would ask. I understand that it may no longer be available but I am not interested in alternatives, I have plenty of those bookmarked. I would like any info I can get on THAT stove, Brand, Model, Name etc. Sorry to be a bother and thanks in advance

  3. Jillian Sawers

    Hi Bryce, I write before but wondering if you have a contact email for Wayne. He is an old friend and fellow spiritual pilgrim from way back, and i’ve lost his contact details. I’m also living in a house truck now in NZ and would love to connect with him. Perhaps you can forward my email to him if you have his contact. thanks. Jillian

  4. Ryan Russell

    Absolutely stunning conversion.
    What year/model is their truck?

  5. Sky

    This looks lovely, thanks for posting! I am thinking of slowly building myself a house truck (I have lots of grand designs like converting to methane), but I don’t really know where to start in terms of buying a good truck. Google is not being my friend on this. Do you have any suggestions as to websites for advice? Thanks, and please keep posting!

  6. David Griffith

    Sorry to flog a dead horse here but if you could give a name and model number of that wood burning stove. While I understand stay they are out of production, I might have a chance of finding a used one if I knew what to search for.
    Regards, David.

    • Bryce

      Sorry. I don’t believe it’s being made any more. If you’re looking for a stove in NZ, check out the Sparky. This is the unit that we are using.

    • Augsburg

      I’d like to know about that stove too, but something similar is the EcoZoom, see:

  7. Megan

    Are you putting in the wetback with your Sparky? I’m wondering how it affects my layout plans.

    • Bryce

      Hey Megan. Yes, we are planning on using the wetback with the Sparky so we can boost the solar water system in the winter. Best contact them directly to talk about placement. 🙂

  8. Sam

    Hi I love it.
    Im thinking of making my own. Prob a box body similar to your own. But probably not SO keen on downsizing as much as 4m. I was think more 5.5 or 6. But looking at yours you have used the space really well. I’d almost be tempted to copy yours.

    I have been researching insulated wall types & thicknesses. How was yours built if you know? @ Piedad Bird

    If anyone would like to give me helpful hints love to hear from you
    Thanks Sam

  9. Vicky White

    Wow thanks Bryce and Melissa for bringing us all these great examples. I’m wondering if you know whether it takes a different class of driving licence to drive one of these in NZ? I really like this idea – even without the bathroom.

    • Bryce

      Hi Vicky! I’m not sure about this actually. The best place to find the answer to that question would be the NZTA website.

      • VickyW

        Thanks Bryce – that link was useful. Here’s what it said for driving with a car licence: any motorhome or tradeperson’s vehicle with a GLW of not
        more than 6000kg

        I figure a truck like the one in this article would most likely fall into this category – just my guess.

  10. Steve Houghton

    Awesome set up love the fire do you where do i find one like that !
    What brand is it please

  11. Evan N

    Hello Bryce/Melissa, thank you for the video! Great job with everything.

    Is there any way of finding out what type of wood and finish Wayne/Anita used for their floor and kitchen countertop? I would absolutely love to use it in my first tiny house.


  12. Delyth

    Another great glimpse into the possibilities out there. Thanks for finding and sharing all these different people and homes.

  13. Carla

    Thank you for sharing the video about your home. I am starting over in my late 50’s, and I just want a simple life. I was so worried about how I will live when I am older, and now I think I have found the answer.

    Thanks again!

  14. Mieke

    What an amazing man! Thank you Bryce and Melissa for not only sharing the gorgeous tiny house but also the wonderful philosophy behind it. You guys are doing amazing work and so beautifully filmed and presented!! Wow. Really enjoying this, thanks!

  15. Piedad Bird

    Oh my god!!! My husband Brendan Bird built that truck!!!! I’m soooooooooooo HAPPY It’s gone to such wonderful people. We’ve had such awesome memories in that truck!!!! Then it went to Jamie and Nick. Yay!!! I wanted the magic of that house truck to continue!! And so it has. BEAUTIFUL. you guys have done a beautiful job making it home. Blessings!!!!!

  16. JoostS

    A good alternative can be the Ecozoom Plancha.

  17. donna

    Wonderful ~ Thank you so much for sharing ~
    Please, i must know, where exactly can one secure one of those small wood stoves? Details!!

    • Bryce

      Hey Donna. It’s pretty great, huh!? Unfortunately, I don’t think that these stoves are made anymore. At least, I haven’t seen them anywhere. We’ve looked into a lot of wood stoves for our tiny house build, and we have chosen the Wagener Sparky. It’s a great little stove that you can hook a wetback to (for water heating). Hope that helps!

  18. Oly

    That’s my friends Nick and Jamie’s old truck 🙂

    • Bryce

      Awesome! It’s such a small world. Let them know there’s a video up, and if they were the ones who built it, let them know they did an amazing job! 🙂

  19. saltyone

    Im interested in the woodstove, what is called and who are the NZ suppliers?.
    I was on the road in the 70-80’s and now prefer the sea though I am looking to have a mobile land base again as well.

    • Bryce

      Hey there. Unfortunately I believe that this stove is no longer produced. We have looked at a lot of the woodstove options available for small spaces / mobile homes in NZ, and we really like the Wagener Sparky. It’s what we will be using in our build. Hope that helps! 🙂

  20. John Potter

    I used to live in a very similar vehicle (on the outside) – it’s great to have something that can park on a city street without attracting attention.

    The reason most motor-homes cram in a bathroom is that with a Certificate of Self Containment there are thousands more places around NZ that you can legally “freedom camp”.

    • Bryce

      Hey John. That’s certainly very true, there are many benefits to having a certificate of self containment!

  21. Urszula

    Thank you Bryce for sharing with us this inspiring video of Anita and Wayne’s tiny house! I was so moved by the words of wisdom from this lovely couple! Now I can’t wait to come to New Zealand myself and start building my own tiny house! 🙂

    • Bryce

      You’re very welcome! It’s a pleasure for us to make these videos. We get to see the most amazing spaces and meet such wonderful people!

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