This 40ft Tiny House Is A Mansion On Wheels

At roughly 40 x 8ft (12 x 2.5m) it’s hard to call this home on wheels tiny! This is a great example of what happens when a tiny house designer has a bit more space to play with. Despite the attraction to tiny homes there are many people who feel they are just too small to be practical for every day living. Also, many of the smaller homes have more limited options for accessibility. This tiny mansion was especially designed with the baby boomer generation in mind who are now approaching retirement and are interested in downsizing to a tiny house on wheels without wanting to climb ladders into sleeping lofts! 

We were lucky enough to encounter this home on wheels at the Tiny House Street Festival in North Carolina. It certainly stood out amongst the other tiny houses at the event and we were excited when it’s designer Mike Bedsole of Tiny House Chattanooga gave us a tour.

One of the first things to notice about this house on wheels is the unusual shape which is created by the gooseneck trailer it sits on. It could easily be argued that the shape detracts somewhat from the homely look of the tiny house but it does serve a very practical purpose (especially for such a large towing object) as it transfers more of the weight of the trailer into the bed of the towing truck which helps to stabilize the load during transport.

One of the other main advantages to the gooseneck design is that it creates potential for a bedroom space over the trailer hitch which has full standing room. This tiny house bedroom actually has a height of 6’7″ (205cm) giving the ability, even for a tall person, to comfortably stand.

One of the other things which is obviously missing from this design is any kind of ladder. The larger design has enabled a rather normal style of staircase to be utilized. In true tiny house fashion though, it does still have a lot of built-in storage.

The lengthy design of the home allows for a fully featured and ultra functional galley-style kitchen design. All of the homes appliances are full sized and the design can easily enable multiple people to comfortably fit in the kitchen at the same time. The homes lovely wooden floors were covered with matts during the festival to protect them from the thousands of people who walked through during the three day event.

Towards the other end of the home, is a full sized bathroom which has space for a large shower, a basin, composting toilet and plenty of additional storage space for clothes or other items.

For those who have been interested in the idea of a small home on wheels but feel they couldn’t quite find comfort in a true tiny design, these larger homes may be a great option.

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

7 Responses to This 40ft Tiny House Is A Mansion On Wheels

  1. Liz

    Bryce, thank you! When my hubby and I retire in a few years, this is exactly what we want. You brought out some very real ideas, 24 sq ft won’t be enough for our permanent tiny. This one is very doable. I’m definitely saving this builder in my notes! Thank you so much! When we sell our condo we will be able to buy this type of tiny outright and finally be mortgage-free!! That’s been my plan and long term goal for years and this builder in TN is the one I want to build it! After watching this video, my hubby’s finally on board primarily because it’s not so tiny. I just need the truck and we will be able to realize our dreams of seeing this big wide beautiful country we live in and with an annual membership in a RV park association we can relocate every couple of months or whenever we want! A thousand thanks for sharing this video!

  2. Roe roberts

    For some the steps to the bedroom can be a bit of a challenge.. How about a simple lift like some tiny houses use to move beds up and down? Would that be possible and if so how much would it cost?

  3. Earl Jones

    I like the idea for the metal/steel construction

  4. Barbara Smith

    Are there any tiny house builders who are also certified Passive House builders or consultants?

    Also, mice and other critters. How do Tiny House builders deal with them?

  5. luis castellanos

    Whats the price in this home? I am an interested buyer. Cheers!

  6. David Leigh

    Nice size, but at $96,000 it does not seem to mesh with the simplistic , no debt philosophy of tiny home enthusiasts.
    As the tiny movement becomes more popular, I would imagine many builders are going to offer larger and more expensive models. They will be in it for sole profit.


    • Bryce

      Material costs of tiny homes, when everything is purchased new and high quality can easily get to a substantial figure. There are ways that you can bring down those costs, but it really means sourcing your own second hand materials and doing the labour yourself. Remember also that everything that goes into a larger home is also going into these tiny houses, so the cost per square foot can’t be compared to a regular home as it will obviously be much higher. For a home this size, I actually think that 96k is a very reasonable figure considering that’s just ready to go!

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