Tiny House

This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine!

In this weeks episode we visit an incredible tiny house which has been constructed out of an old grain silo and transformed into a whimsical yellow submarine themed dwelling. For those who love super creative projects, this is a must see video!

There is no end to human creativity. I consistently find myself blown away by the things that people create and this epic submarine tiny house is a great example of that. Almost entirely constructed out of old junk, this home is up-cycling taken to the extreme! From an old grain silo, a broken spa tub and even some radar dishes it’s hard not to be amazed at how all these bits and bobs have been put together to create something truly stunning.

Beyond all the eccentric features, this quirky space still functions as a home, with a kitchen and bathroom, a comfortable living room space and bedroom. Many themes have been combined to make this space work, from the obvious Beatles yellow-submarine references, through to victorian steam-punk and war-time U-boat themes.

For Keith and Jen, building this yellow submarine was all about testing their creativity and doing something fun with the purpose of creating a unique and entertaining experience for guests.

If you’re a fan of ultra-creative spaces, be sure to watch the full video tour of this incredible space (above). This tiny house has been created as a unique bnb accomodation. You can book your stay here.