Tiny House

This Tiny House Is A Design Masterclass!

Now here is a tiny house with some revolutionary design! Rebecca is a designer who has poured tremendous effort into creating the perfect tiny home for both her and her son.

This tiny house is packed full of ultra clever design ideas, which have resulted in this being one of the most functional and spacious homes that we have ever featured on the show.

There's plenty of room for her son as well, who has what could easily be one of the most incredible tiny house kids rooms on the planet, while upstairs Rebecca has crafted a dream small home office for her design work.

Clever design tricks make this home feel twice its size. It really is a masterclass in good design. We hope you enjoy watching the full tour of this enchanting home.

Rebecca has developed a modular and transportable deck system which is specially designed for tiny homes. You can find out more about that here.