Tiny House

This French Tiny House is a Multifunctional Marvel!

This week we travel to France to visit a stunning DIY tiny house built using natural, reclaimed materials. It's absolutely packed full of storage and clever multifunctional design ideas and all for an incredible budget of just US$20,000!

This tiny house has everything! For me, this is another great example of a tiny home that cuts to the very core of the tiny house movement. It's grass-roots, do-it-yourself driven with a focus around affordable construction and great use of space. I love the way that Geoffrey describes building his home as setting out to construct a sanctuary for himself, because that's exactly what our homes should be. A sanctuary.

Geoffrey has written an e-book (French Language) all about his experience building a tiny home in France. You can find a link to his e-book here:

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We hope you enjoy the tour of this wonderful tiny home! You can find Geoffrey's website here.