Tiny House

The Inside-Out Tiny House - A Off-Grid Craftsman's Dream

When I walked inside this tiny house my jaw hit the floor. This is one of the most exceptional timber homes we have featured on the show. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail on the interior of this DIY, off-the-grid home in South Australia is truly remarkable and all for a budget that's hard to believe!

The exterior is equally as stunning. This beautiful home has been decorated with a home-sized mural of a giant wave. Keeping top the nautical theme, an actual old boat sail has been up-cycled into a shade sail. A good sized deck, perfect for entertaining has been constructed around the home and there's even a nicely built outdoor toilet and shower.

Affectionally labeled as an inside-out house, this is a home which is designed to fully connect the indoors with the outdoors, bringing a charming sense of nature into every aspect of the home.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this amazing tiny house. You can find out more about Tess and Joel's tiny home via their Instagram. While traveling, they also rent out their tiny house as a BnB, you can book your stay here.