Tiny House

Retro Airstream Renovated Into Stylish Modern Tiny House

Of all the caravans, few are more iconic and loved than the airstream. There’s something about the design of an airstream which makes you think of adventure and life lived on the open road. The Airstream featured in this weeks video tour is no different, except it’s been completely renovated into a stunning, modern tiny house and designed for full time living and travel.

This 1968 Airstream Land Yacht  is an heirloom and it was gifted to current owner, August by his father, who was gifted it by his father before him. Having been in the family now for three generations, there’s already a lot of history and a lot of memories within it’s metal walls. Still, after being neglected and starting to go to ruin, when it was gifted to August he decided it was time to take on the renovation project and restore the airstream to beyond it’s former glory.

August is no stranger to renovation projects. As an interior designer he has a great knowledge of spatial design and style. His still in this area is evident throughout the entire design of this home, and yet as a first time DIY builder, the project still was a huge learning curve.

The resulting home is a stunning combination of Airstreams original retro style, combined with beautiful, modern design elements which really help to cascade the airstream into the new century. From the spacious and comfortable day bed / sofa and functional designer kitchen with abundant storage, to the cleverly designed bathroom complete with shower and stunning walnut counter, this renovation project has it all and has transformed a weekender caravan into a functional tiny house for long term living.

The home’s off-the-grid design means that August can still enjoy all the conveniences of home no-matter where he is parked up, with solar panels generating electricity for the home, water tanks providing an abundance of fresh water and a Natures Head composting toilet.

In addition to his interior design work, August is also a musician. Both jobs keep him traveling and this means that a home on wheels was a perfect option. A place which could be a solid home when needed, but which could also be easily hooked up to a truck and towed to a new location with little fuss.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this stunning Airstream Land Yacht  renovation (above) to find out more. You can also follow along with August’s Airstream adventures via his Instagram. To check out his music, click here.