Tiny House

Mind-Blowing Ultra-Compact Eco Tiny House

This mind blowing tiny house on wheels is without a doubt one of the most clever designs we have seen on the show so far! In this episode, we explore the homes of Cahute in France, where builder Thomas is constructing beautiful, ultra-compact and eco friendly tiny houses on wheels which are perfectly designed for both full time living and full time travel on the narrow roads of Europe. 

In the design of this home, Thomas set out to build a home that was lightweight, compact, eco friendly and that was architecturally beautiful. All things which he has accomplished in this ingenious design. In this video we explore the materials which he used to make it all possible, including some really unique things such as a special super-strong natural glue made from cheese, as well as the design philosophy which went into this home.

Creating a fully functioning home of only 10 m2 (107 f2) is an immense design challenge and in this video we explore where he found his ideas and inspiration and also aspects such as the use of sacred geometry and the golden ratio to create proportion and beauty in the designs of his homes. Enjoy the full video tour of this very cleverly designed tiny house on wheels (above). To find out more about Cahute website. You can also follow Thomas and Cahute on Instagram.