It's Time To Meet Rasa!

This week we have a really special episode. To celebrate the incredible milestone that is 4 million subscribers, I thought it would be really fun to turn the camera around onto Rasa, so we could also celebrate the incredible powerhouse that is the woman behind the scenes of Living Big in a Tiny House.

In this video, we learn how Rasa became involved in filming the show and learn about her creative journey as an artist and her transition into a camera woman, being thrown in the deep end and learning on the job. Rasa is an inspiring, free spirited, creative force for the show and what we do simply wouldn’t be possible without her.

Her passion for her work and continual growth consistently helps to propel our show forward. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look into Living Big in a Tiny House.

A huge thank you to our friends Nessa Elessar and Tiny House Livingston for additional footage from some of our filming adventures.