Tiny House

Epic Modern All Black Tiny House

If you’re a big fan of modern, minimalist design then you’re going to love this tiny house. On the exterior, it’s striking all-black, trapezoidal design is incredibly eye-catching. The interior is filled with very clever spatial design and forms a wonderfully comfortable home.

Owners Jason and Sarah are two people who love to live big! With a passion for sports and travel, this dynamic couple enjoy a good adventure. This is a home which has been perfectly set up to help facilitate their lifestyle, by providing a modern, comfortable yet simple and affordable place for them to call home, which helps to free up time and resources for them both to follow their passions.

This is a beautifully designed home. It’s spacious and well laid out making it an incredibly comfortable and practical home which meets all of the couples needs. The trapezoidal shape of the home helps to increase the usable living space within the relatively small footprint of the home and helps to create two spacious loft areas, in addition to the well proportioned kitchen, living room and bathroom in the downstairs area.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this very impressive home (above). To keep up with the couple’s adventures, you can follow both Jason and Sarah on instagram.