Tiny House

A Perfect Tiny Home For A Woman And Her Dogs

Every now and then I visit a home which I can tell is just perfect for someone, and this is one of those places. Matilda has lived in this tiny house on wheels for the past four years, and it has become the ideal home for both her and her three dogs. 

All throughout this tiny house, you can see that it is filled with character and love. From the wonderfully warm and charming character of all the reclaimed timber, to the clever layout and design this is a home which practically meets her needs. 

The home has been filled with artwork from both Matilda and her friends, which breathes so much personality into the house. Surrounded with images of native birds, found rocks and paintings, this is a home where Matilda can surround herself with her treasures. 

There’s even a matching, even smaller tiny house on wheels which Matilda parks next to her main home. This clever addition is used as a get-away camper for when she and her dogs are away at agility competitions, or just traveling. Between these two wonderful small spaces, Matilda has crafted an ideal place for her and her dogs to call home. 

Enjoy the full video tour of this charming and character filled space.