18 Year Old Builds Tiny House For School Project

Gabriella Grace was only 18 years old when she built her very own tiny house on wheels together with her father as part of a project for her final year of school. Now 20 years old, she has found an incredible spot for her home in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington.


The outside of this 16 square meter (172 square ft) home is quite striking, with a simple plywood and batten exterior giving the house a very unique look. Outside, a recycled deck and outdoor living area allows Gabriella to take full advantage of the stunning views from her tiny house parking spot.


The interior is even more beautiful. The home is simply constructed but contains everything that is needed to live comfortably. This tiny house also has a few fantastic little extras, such as the built-in surround sound system.


One of the most striking features in the home is the fantastic use of feature-lighting which really takes full advantage of the homes high ceiling. The self-made pendent light in the centre is especially impressive.


The kitchen is almost completely recycled from a unit that was constructed in the 60’s. Bought second hand for only NZ$120 it really goes to show what you can accomplish on a budget!


Accessed by a simple ladder, the sleeping loft is cute and cosy with a small window providing light and ventilation.


Downstairs, the lounge space provides ample space for relaxing at home and entertaining friends. The sofa was constructed from pallet wood and is a wonderfully simple seating and storage solution.


Gabriella’s home was constructed during her final year of school for only NZ$26,000 (approximately US$17,000). For the rest of her life now, she has a mortgage-free home that she can take with her wherever she goes. Now that is a practical school project!

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

6 Responses to 18 Year Old Builds Tiny House For School Project

  1. Pascale Hennessey

    This is so inspiring, what an exceptional idea for a school project – truly worthwhile. And your comment at the end Bryce about why are we not all doing this, or a variation of this concept…so true. How much positive change could we see in the world by reducing our fixation on materialism and simplifying our lives.

    Always love watching these wonderful stories ❤

  2. Abby

    This is fantastic! I wish I had the opportunity to undertake this kind of project in my last year of high school. My question is how she funded that project at such a young age?


  3. Kerry

    Bruce thanks for showing this. I’ve been made about tiny homes for a while and try to sell the concept to every young teenager I come in contact with as a viable financial living solution. Great to see an 18 year old young lady taking that step.

    • Caprica

      I’m crazy about them as well, and often talk to people about them. I’m a bit slack on getting my own build but I’d like something larger. I was thinking in term of two ‘Tiny Homes’ that I could park side by side, with either a slide out walling system, or doors that could be slid or concertinad in such a way that it effectively doubles the space. Just playing around with the idea but there’s certain logistical issues to overcomes which certainly aren’t insurmontable. PS: It’s ‘Bryce’. (Not ‘Bruce’). (BFG)

  4. Edward Elliott

    Thank you for showing Gabriella’s Tiny House. I’ve been thinking about building a tiny house for a while, and love the idea of putting a door with the two large windows on the side of the great room since that allows a lot of light to come into the house. Also thank you for explaining how you got all of your materials second hand on trade me its nice to see a nicely built house that was constructed with second hand materials. Your house is very inspiring and has finally gotten me to design a tiny house very similar to yours! Great Job 🙂


    Hi Bryce,
    For introductions, the name is Praise and I am based in Nigeria, W. Africa. I have this dream that has continually made me stalk after every of your videos since like almost forever. Can never forget the wow-impact-day I stumbled on the off-the-grid shipping container house video at https://goo.gl/5y2ZEo. Infact, my goal is tied around building the largest conglomerate of TinyHouse Movement here. This Gabriella Grace’s Tiny House content has sparked a lot of unique awakening alongside downsizing the capital expenses involved; Unique in sense of the car-stereo/radio thing(God knows that’s so Awesome!). Expense-wise $17000 perhaps sounds cheap there, but that is 3Million Nairas plus here which can in essence achieve a bigger stuff-pack here, hence is means a whole lot for TinyHouse. Is it possible to have a design-mod/structure/template that helps to really cut things down and yet create an amazing lifestyle package especially for my Target Audience: “Undergraduates, School leavers/Graduates, Staff-House for organizations/companies that would love to cut down cost of living and still enjoying the feeling of living just beyond comfortable”? I know I have a lot going on in my head about this dream and starting with someone like you, may be just the perfect guide and giant’s shoulder to lean on…

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