Creative Couple’s Stunning Tiny House Cost Only $17k!

Built for only US$17,000 this young couple’s tiny house is certainly an incredible achievement. The home, constructed by Asheville, NC couple David and Catherine, was built mostly using reclaimed or recycled materials and is filled with clever design elements to truly make the home their own.

An ideal parking space for the tiny house on wheels has been created in the yard of a home in a quiet neighbourhood and the couple have spent time creating an outdoor area to relax and expand the living space of the house while also building gardens to grow some food.

When entering the home, it quickly feels like you’re being drawn into a kind of fairytale cottage in the woods. The eclectic mix of reclaimed materials used in the house’s construction gives it a certain whimsical feeling yet all blend together to create a welcoming home.

Priority in the tiny house was a comfortable couch where the couple can relax at the end of a days work. The couple felt that the house couldn’t be a home unless there was a large enough area to be able to properly recline and melt into.

The lounge area boasts a 40″ television monitor which is hooked up to the couple’s computer allowing David to also get some of his work done from the couch. A wood stove keeps the couple warm in the cool North Carolina winters.

A fully functional kitchen was essential for the couple who scarcely eat out and prepare the vast majority of their meals at home. Full sized appliances are used in the kitchen which has been built in a U shape allowing the pair to comfortably work side by side preparing meals (although Catherine admits it’s mostly David who is the chef).

While a large couch was David’s priority in the home, Catherine’s great desire was a bath tub. The bathroom design was cleverly worked around the addition of the tub. A composting toilet and basin which was lovingly crafted from a bowl given as a wedding present to the couple completes the space.

Upstairs, access to the loft areas is cleverly provided by a walk-way which runs above the living room couch. This enables both loft areas to be easily entered and therefore means they are more commonly used.

The sleeping loft provides a welcoming retreat and snug place for the couple to retire at night. Simple shelves and boxes provide ample storage for all their clothes.

Across the way, the second loft area is used as an office and reading nook, while also functioning as a guest sleeping space when needed. Here, the couple also managed to find a great place to store their collection of books.

The home was built by this inspiring and creative couple while they were still finishing their studies. After graduation, the couple decided to move to Asheville and were able to bring their home to the new city with them, a testament to the flexibility that tiny house living offers. For David and Catherine, living in a tiny house means having freedom. Freedom from debt and the ability to concentrate on the things in life that really matter, like spending quality time together and pursuing their hobbies.

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

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  1. Seema Hooda

    This is awesome ..i love the idea of tiny house.. hope to buy a tiny house fully customized in USA or Canada

  2. el

    This is gorgeous! It’d be great to be able to be in contact with them or for you to have more specific information on their build! So that we could DIY :}

  3. bohwaz

    Pretty sure that’s a 40 inches TV, not a 40 feet TV 😉

    • Bryce

      Well spotted! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Anna

    That’s exactly what I need. Share the plans of this tiny house, please. <3

  5. cphoback

    I love your show and am thinking of building a tiny house. But I wish you would ask people where they put their homes and do they run into zoning restrictions. It’s such a big piece of the whole picture.

  6. Damian Fletcher

    I have just watched a bunch of your videos on YouTube and it’s gotten me all inspired to finish the final touches on my tiny home in the woods. Thanks for the boost and keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Kevin Mertz

    Did they build there tiny home from plans that they purchased or did they just wing it and design/build the structure on their own? Also, what are they hooked up to for electricity? Where did they buy their trailer? Did they buy a “tiny house specific” trailer?

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