Two Years in a Modern Off-Grid Tiny House

Brett Sutherland’s incredible off-the-grid modern Tiny House was one of my very first house tours. At the time, it was a truly unique design that totally broke the mould. Two years later, I’m now visiting Brett again to see how he is finding life in his Tiny Home.


The design of this house is incredibly unique. The first thing you notice about this tiny house on wheels is it’s very clever roof line, which is designed to maximise space inside the loft area while also creating beneficial air-flow throughout the house.


The home is completely off-the-grid, catching rain-water, generating electricity though a small solar set-up, and using small amounts of propane gas. Thanks to his simple-lifestyle and off-grid tech, Brett has been able to get his weekly bills down to around $5!


One new (or in this case renewed) addition to the house is this lovely pot-belly stove, taken out of an old Bedford house truck from the 70s. The fire adds a fantastic atmosphere to the home, and thanks to the fact that it’s a very small space to heat, all that’s needed is a small container of pine-cones to get Brett through the night.


All throughout this home are signs of Brett’s incredible art-work. This model of his Tiny House is one of many designs that he has created and his advice for anyone wanting to construct a small home is to begin designing with models first.

This really is such a beautiful and practical home. It’s been a pleasure to visit Brett again and it’s great to know that it’s really possible for a downsized space to work in the long-term.

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

15 Responses to Two Years in a Modern Off-Grid Tiny House

  1. Karen

    I love it! this is more less what I want + a larger fridge and an oven.

  2. David

    Hi could someone tell me what solar system he used and how much it cost. Also what his rain harvester system is like.

  3. Simon


    Can anyone tell me what the make of the 3-burner gas stove is please? I am looking to buy one.

    From the clip, I’ve taken a guess that it is ‘Globus’ but am not sure. If any one can help, that would be great.


  4. Stephen

    Great to see it’s working out. I bought his plans a while back and was planning to build a modified version of it once I have the money. So it is really encouraging to know the design works long term 🙂


    This is one of my favorite designs. The roof in particular is great in how it directs the air flow inside the house. Any idea how long the trailer is Bryce?

    • Bryce

      Hey Jacob. Yup – this Tiny House is 6 meters in length.

  6. Mike

    Hey Bryce, life circumstance is “encouraging” me to live very tiny. Do you think Brett would be interested in help writing down making his small design available for sale? All I would ask in return is to have a plan for my own use, will host site for free, since have many hosted clients. Also love your show.

    • Bryce

      Hey Mike. Brett’s plans are available for sale on his website already. Get in touch with him and see what you can work out. 🙂

      • Lorna

        Can you post what his website is please. Also ive contacted you via instagram and no reply could you answer me please.

  7. Rowan

    Hey Bryce,

    Enjoyed this Video Thanks for the revisit.
    One of my favourite Tinys for sure!

  8. Santos Alonzo

    I have seen your video from time to time. I’m always so fascinated on just how much we really do not need to live a comfortable life. I believe that sometime in the near I might actually go move in the direction of a tiny house. One of the biggest questions for myself is where I would decide to live, and the climate would be the biggest factor in my decision. Once again, thank you for taking the time to create these videos.

  9. Debbie

    Thank you so much for sharing this update on Brett. Enjoy your videos very much.

  10. Mark

    Lived tiny to save money to build big… thanks for the inspiration, great place, wait til you see my tiny “rock” house !!!
    Ransom Canyon

  11. Louise

    Hi Bryce !
    wow i can’t believe it’s been two years already since visiting Brett’s home !!

    Real good idea to go back and get his feedback ! Thanks !

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