The Snow Monkeys Of Japan

This week we are trying something a bit different! While in Yudanaka, Japan we had the chance to visit and photograph the Snow Monkeys. This was such an incredible experience for me and I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know if you would like to see more travel content on the channel in the future!

The Japanese Macaque, otherwise known as the snow monkey is an old-world-monkey species which is native to Japan.

These monkeys are well adapted to the cold, being able to cope with temperatures less than -20 degrees celsius (-4 degrees fahrenheit). No other non-human primate lives in a colder climate.

Macaques are confident in the water and are capable of swimming long distances. Japan is a very thermally active country,and in areas where hot-springs are available they enjoy bathing together in the hot water.

You can check out what the snow monkeys are up to right now via the live cam!