The Transforming Castle Truck

This incredible transforming house truck is one that you really have to see to believe. Completely folded up, it would look very similar to a regular house truck were it not for the two turrets on the back that give a hit of what it becomes. Once parked, the house truck completely folds out and transforms into a fantasy castle.

Castle Truck Folded For Travel

When traveling, the entire house truck is a compact and tidy package. The roof retracts, the sides of the walls fold in, the turrets rotate inwards and it’s ready to go. When compacted for travel mode, the house easily meets all the minimum road clearances and is therefore very easy to travel with. 

The Castle Truck Folds Out Into An Impressive Structure

Once parked however, the castle truck comes to life, expanding to create a beautiful little home for its builders / owners Justin, Jola and their son Piko. The family have a very active lifestyle and the indoor outdoor flow of the house was a central theme in it’s design.

Castle Truck Extending Roof & Solar Panels

The castle-truck is completely off-the grid. It is solar powered, heats water through a mixture of solar panels on the roof, a wetback fire, and gas, and it captures rain water from the roof that is then stored in water tanks below the truck.

Castle Truck Kitchen

Inside the house is just as impressive with beautifully crafted living and working areas providing all the necessary comforts for this busy family. The kitchen has been created as the central feature of the home. All of the appliances are full-sized and the kitchen is a wonderful space for this family who love to cook.

Castle Truck Interior

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about this truck is the amount of storage space that is built into it. Huge wardrobe and cupboard spaces fill up all corners of the house and easily allow enough storage space for all the families’ belongings.

Castle Truck Sleeping Loft

A magical sleeping loft raises up from above the truck and creates a wonderful place for the family to relax and sleep. The wallpaper was created by Jola who spent many hours cutting out music and lyrics from old song books. Each of the songs sing about beauty, love, and sleep and set the mood for this tranquil space.

Castle Truck Roof Balcony

Climb up even further and you will find yourself on top of the world. The castle truck boasts an impressive roof-top balcony, with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, a hammock, solar food dehydrator built into the roof, and even a roof-top bathtub!

Castle Truck Bathroom Turrets

To the rear of the truck you’ll find the bathroom turrets. The turret to the left is the composting toilet, and to the right is the shower turret which also is home to a small washing machine.  In addition to being a very unique feature on the house, this design also has the practical benefit of separating the bathroom from the living space.

Castle Truck Fold Out Kitchen

Justin and Jola have created a truly spectacular home. The engineering that has gone into the house is pure genius and it is both skilfully and beautifully executed. In my mind, this House Truck has single handedly raised the bar on what is possible in small space design.

Jola works as a traveling performer. To find out more about her incredible acrobatic duo click here.

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About Bryce

Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

77 Responses to The Transforming Castle Truck

  1. Daniel

    Ok I know by far this is one of my all time favorite Tiny houses and like everyone else would love to see plans for his one or contact the people who built it. I love the hydraulics and I had a similar idea but finally found it here. Not really any other words to describe what everyone else has already said.
    Thanks man

  2. Dan

    I believe this is the best mobile home I have ever seen. Would really love to see some rudimentary plans and technical drawings.

  3. Nick Terrone

    Please sell me the plans and specs on this! This is AMAZING!! Obviously I’m not the only person to ask here. After seeing this I’m totally sold on a House Truck as oppose to a TH on wheels 🙂

  4. Peter

    Obviously I am number 290.000 interested in the plans or contact to the builders… 🙂
    We operate a lot of our activities on water (obviously) – but there also is stuff to do ashore, and for that it would be nice to build a little fleet (!) of these.
    Very comfy for our activists and an eyecatcher to attract peoples attention to our cause…. (saving, protecting and preserving our oceans)
    Would be great to hear for more?!

  5. Angela

    I’m interested in the engineering and equipment used to raise the roof. Is it possible to get more information on this design feature?

    Thank you,

  6. Siki

    Up until seeing this I thought the ultimate rolling home was the one young 3 Japanese guys built several years ago. It had a lovely Japanese bath and hydraulic roof opening up the tatami bedroom on top. But this one tops this in every way. Just love the inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing Justin and Jola.

  7. Anushka

    This home would be a dream house come true. Being physically disabled, I realize that I couldn’t build anything this amazing. Unfortunately I’m on a very limited income…but I love to dream that one day I could live in a fantasy castle like this. I know it’s very unlikely but it gives me hope to dream…and dream big! I love this tiny home!!

  8. Rich Thomas

    My wife and I are Middle Ages reinactors, and we’ve built a cottage on a trailer to live in at the events we attend. This castle/truck obviously blows our design out of the water. While I read above you don’t have access to the design plans, is there any way at all you could forward my contact information to Justin and Jola?

  9. BJ

    I already have a base box-style truck to rebuild from the chassis and really really REALLY want their engineering specs on how they accomplished this gargantuan and artistic marvel.


    • Justin

      Will be available soon, there is a lot of details not completed befor the contruction began. And I never really needed to finish them until now that others are so interested.

      • kimberly

        Please let me know when plans are available –

      • Marsha

        Yes please plans I’ll buy for sure

      • Roy and Patricia

        Hello Justin,

        I hope you have the plans for sale soon, I would love to build one for my daughter, she is 27 but we could still build her a castle and she will be “mortgage free”. Great job and great looking family you got there, take care and blessed energy your way. Littlewolf

      • Kyra Westwind

        What an amazing work of art! Thanks for sharing, and please let me know when plans/additional info are available!

      • Linda

        I too was blown away by your castle truck! I was in the process of gathering ideas and plans to build my own tiny house. Now that I have seen your, I have been brought to a whole new level of possibility! Are your plans available yet for sale? I would love to build some of your ideas into my ‘ big ‘ house. Do you have plans for the circular rotating closet?
        My hat is off to you!mazing and beautiful!

        Thanks for sharing,

      • Jonathan

        Hey, I really want to see how you did the hydraulics and structural integrity… I am thinking of doing something similar with the roof raising and was wondering how you accomplished it. Brilliantly done by the way. I love the under the bed storage… truly artistic. Thanks.

      • Theresa Balcer

        Hello Justin, I am wondering if these plans are available yet? I would so love to get my hands on these! Great job!!!

      • Vern

        I would definitely by the plans when available too. I think this is the best truck house design ive ever seen! I would love to build one similar for overlanding. I don’t have a question though iwas wondering how you lift the cab off to access the engine? It looks like its a cabover.

  10. Nadia

    This is stunning, beyond amazing! Add me to the list of those who are seriously inquiring about blueprints or more detailed information about dimensions and build. This is truly a dream home and could set a new precedent in tiny homes for so many people. The spin off ideas created from this one wonder could be mind blowing! Please share your genius with the world.

  11. B Trotz

    She is a beaut. Blows the average travel trailer or Winnebago out of the water.It is one of a kind. I am guessing that is a 3 ton flatbed truck you started with?
    . I can totally understand why there are no set plans for it as it is a work in progress.
    . I was kind of waiting for you to go into the basement 🙂

  12. David H Dennis

    I think anyone who makes something completely unique like this would, honestly, prefer it to remain so. According to the creators’ own statements in the video, they evolved features of it over time, so I doubt that there are actually detailed drawings featuring everything you see here. For how to design and build something like this, the books of Christopher Alexander might be of value. He shows how a building can unfold over time instead of being designed through rigid plans.

  13. Robby

    hi dieses gefährt verdient meine hochachtung. wie lange wurde an dem truck gearbeitet bis es fertig war?

  14. Jose

    Hey, I love the engineering behind this. I have an idea for my business and need someone with these skills to help me develop it. Is this something you do? I promise it’s a million times simpler than the truck. Compact space related. Thank you for your time

    • allen murray

      hi Jose, where is your business? i am a set builder, who also designs. 805`636`2529 Allen

  15. Rensina

    It’s Gorgeous. Be awesome for our Australian climate. xx

  16. Bryony Carson

    Their home is absolutely lovely! Does the couple have a blog themselves or a facebook page? I would love to hear more about their travels, updates, etc. I have seen a lot of tiny homes online and this one is my favorite. I am curious as their child gets older how they will modify the home to adjust to the kiddos needs. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

  17. Tara Ambrose

    Bryce, many people have asked but I don’t see a resonse: are there plans or details available about this house? It’s so unusual and such a leap forward as you describe, in terms of tiny house engineering and planning. Is there a way to reach the owners directly, or do they have a site or plans available? We just ordered our 24′ trailer and are working on plans to build this summer!! So it’s great timing 🙂 Thankyou!!

    • Bryce

      Hey Tara. No, I don’t think plans are available for this house. If that changes we will certainly put a link up for people. 🙂

      • Danielle DeRosa

        Please, and thank you! 😀 I’d hire someone who could build me one, or make plans for one, in a snap.

    • Justin

      You can contact me with email
      sorry for the delayed response. Real life busy.

  18. Antoinette

    I am so in love with this gypsy truck! My 6 year old son and I have just watched the video for the 6th time. Are there building plans available for it! If so where can I get them from? Many Thanks

  19. Doc D

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines meet Wonder Woman, Jules Verne, Lord Peter Whimsy, Marty McFly and Doc.
    What ingenuity and craftsmanship!

  20. Susan

    Got a few questions: Do they actually get enough rain water for ALL of their needs?! (including laundry…) Where does all their sewage go? Do their solar panels produce enough electricity? What do they do with their trash? Are they ever worried about their safety, sleeping / living out all alone like that?
    We live in the Chicago area, and There’s no way, re. most levels! Lol

    • Justin

      Water, unless one want to live in a climate that rain all the time (thats not me), its best to realize tiny home can go to places where the situations are best ,if you need water place buy a safe stream and filter or connect to town supply. If there is to much sun move to where rains now and then.
      our toilet is composting type. For more info about this I suggest a website Humanure handbook, it verygood and amusing.
      There are some amazing places around if you look, safety no problem. But I know what you mean.

      • Helena Mattsson

        This was awsome!!! really great!

        Where did you get the washingmachine I have looked for them a ower the place. Got fooled one time payed but didn´t get it. Thanks!

  21. Latanya

    Bryce thanks for bring this truck house to my attention! This truck house is amazing!! Please follow up with the home owners with my desire to build a Victorian truck house. This truck house would be a carbon copy of my exsisting home just on a much smaller scale. Please let me know if the owners of this beautiful castle home would be willing to help me make my dream of owning a truck home possible! Thanks and God bless you!

  22. Lataya

    I love this! Can I purchase truck house plan and get all the details as the commment from Care and how much did constructing this beautiful truck home cost in total materials and labor? I would like to use these plans as a guide to build my own Victorian House Truck to resemble my home I currently live in which is 6,000 sq.ft. and use the house truck as a home for my dayghter until she get married or builds her own dream house. Also we would use for traveling because we love to travel. And when my daughter doesn’t need it any longer I would use it as a guest house or maybe sell my home and live in it, so we could travel and see more of this beautiful Country tat we call home! Please email me if you can with any and all info you are willing to share! Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!! God bless you and yours!!! My email is

  23. hongseok Ro

    It’s a fantastic mobile smart house!
    I’ll visit you soon!

  24. joni bee

    Truly gorgeous love it. Yes good question to how functional is it when it is closed up.

    The other question is how heavy is it?
    What type of drivers licence is required to drive it?

    Many thanks for sharing!

    • Bryce

      Hey Joni!

      It’s quite heavy, I think about 7 metric tonnes. It would require an HT license to drive, but they are quite easy to come by. You just have to take a course and sit a test.

      Thanks for watching!

  25. Enid

    LOVE it!!! (and why are people worrying about typos?) I would like to see a picture of what it looks like on the inside before they unfold it. There was a brief second in the video but I would like to study it a bit. I am thinking they do travel with her work. What do they if weather is prohibitive to set up wen they arrive? I live/ travel in an area with far too many rainy days. Maybe I just need to move 🙂

    • Bryce

      It’s actually quite fast to set up, so I don’t think it’s too bad. Worst comes to worst they can actually function in the truck when it is all folded up. Otherwise, I suppose they just get a bit wet while they set it up! I don’t actually think the truck is moved too often though.

  26. matthew

    Hi thanks four the tweets. I keep u posted once mine is up, all way from Regina SASKATCHEWAN canada

    • Bryce

      Cheers! Best of luck with your build. 🙂

  27. Scotty in Colorado

    I would also LOVE to see better shots of some of your designs and blueprints if possible, In particular for the expandable sections. I want to see all there is to know about how you did that! It really is inspiring! Inspiring to the point of why reinvent the wheel- perhaps I could start from your engineering brilliance and create my own unique expanding tiny home from there. 🙂

  28. Shelly Emanuel

    Amazing. Living the dream.

  29. Claudia

    Wow! Wow, wow, wow! What a fantastically imaginative and functional space. Kudos to the pair for creating such a unique home for their little family.

  30. Paul

    Perhaps one of them most impressive things about

    Oops, how about: Perhaps one of “the” most impressive things about ???

    And…allow enough storage space for all the families’ belongings. Should be family’s… it is a singular family so should not be using the plural.

  31. Gordon Jackson

    Awesome mind thought behind this Castle. Would love blueprints, have land in Caribbean and would like to build one maybe 2 out of Bamboo. Many Thanks

    Happy Holidays


  32. Bj

    I,too, would love his and as a way to solve a few of the engineering questions in my own tiny house plan. While not an actual castle it ei be my ‘castle’ of sorts. Specifically the fold out extensions and hydraulic lifting walls, thanks!!!

  33. michelle

    Blue prints would be awesome. I would like to do something like this for 1 of my 4 daughters.

  34. Rev. Ken James Gertner

    I also would love to get blueprints, eeand any other building paperwork available, if such things are for sale, let me know how I can my hands on the plans for this motorized modern marvel machine. Please let me know how I might get plans for such a great machine.

  35. Hazel Thorpe


  36. Chrissy

    That is FANTASTIC!! I love it. So creative and gorgeous!

  37. Claudia Sauerland

    Where can I find designs for the tropics? Mobile andI stationary.. any experiences with council approval?
    I live in far north Queensland

  38. Adam

    Yes, also interested in more photos and plans of this house, please. Way to go.

  39. Jon

    Yeah are they selling blue print/plans for this

  40. spike

    now thats thinking outside the box we all have it just let yourself gooooooooooo

  41. Peter

    Very impressive. I must admit, I often shrug when I see a headline for a house truck.

    This one is amazing. Justin and Jola are geniuses!

  42. georgie

    This is fantastic 🙂

    Just on a minor note, ‘it’s’ = ‘is is’, the ownership version is ‘its’

    Also if a family owns something, you say ‘families’ ‘

    • Paul

      Ah Georgie… ya got it wrong. it’s = it is not is is.

      And, families is plural of family. If a family owns something it is family’s.

      Sorry, time to go back to school. But better stay away from them charter schools coz you likely to go backwards.

      • Anushka

        Got to love it when a grammar ‘nazi’ tries to school someone and instead gets it very wrong. LOL Such trivial nonsense, focusing on grammar instead of the amazing Fantasy Castle Tiny home! Loved your comment by the way (about the awesome Castle, not the grammar)

  43. Susana

    This is by far the most AMAZING tiny house I’ve ever seen!
    If the plans or at least some hints on the design are available, I would immediately buy them! I love it! 🙂

  44. Donna

    Thanks for bringing such a wonderful, creative space to your site. Love it, and they must be supremely happy living there.

  45. JaneyD

    It’s = it is.

  46. Lee szczukowski

    You want someone to be a Guinea pig I’m your man

  47. Care

    Oh, and of course I’d like to see a gozillian more pictures. Pics of every detail, of every thing, of every step of the build process, of all the original drawings, of all the ingenious nooks, crannies, gadgets and innovations…please!

  48. Care

    I want to know so much more! Dimensions, hardware & fittings, various hinges/fastenings/slides, lift systems, water/plumbing schematics, electrical, how did they seal it to keep out water while traveling/deployed, etc, etc., etc! Any chance of finding out some of these things?

  49. Leste

    I’m in LOVE!! It’s everything I’ve every wanted, castle & tiny house. I would pay for these plans, & I’m a major cheapo with my money!!

  50. fred

    Must be expensive,
    lovely, life has no cost.

  51. Jocelyn

    Wonderful home. Brilliant engineering. Do you have it permanently parked where you are now?
    I see in the background other small unusual homes.
    Bryce were you invited to check them out while you were there?

  52. Gina

    Love the circular bed, pretty awesome! Wonder how much this one costed to make

  53. Thomas

    Hello, this rooftop is amazing… I would feel disappointed with a “basic” V roof… how do you feel about that? Wanna restart from scratch? 🙂 Thanks for the video!

  54. Karilee

    I’m completely impressed with the ingenuity of this home. The space is so attractive and liveable, and so many tiny details have been lovingly addressed. As Bryce said, this really does raise the bar for what’s possible.

  55. lori

    Are u selling the plans for this house? I love it!

  56. Robin South

    Fantastic creativity!

  57. John

    uuunnnnbelievably amaaaaazing!! Total geil!

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