Tiny House

Natural-Build Tiny House For Family With Separate Office and Kids Bedroom

For a lot of people with young children, the idea of living in a tiny house would be a complete deal breaker. Thanks to some clever design though, this family is living the tiny house dream is a comfortable, non-toxic, eco-friendly 30ft tiny house on wheels that even has space for a separate kids room and private home office. 

This family have found a fantastic parking spot which the house can now call home. Settling in for the long haul, the tires have been removed from the house and they are currently getting ready to be stored. The homes exterior is entirely cedar. Builder, Ben Garratt of Tiny Healthy Homes has also included a painted bellyband around the home, which allows for all the services to be neatly placed along and which also provides a good attachment point for awnings to be added in the future, as they have been on this home.

This tiny house is one which is truly designed to be lived in and with a growing family a large and practicle kitchen was very important. The space has all the cooking essentials, including lots of counter space, a breakfast bar, ample storage and a large fridge which has been hidden into the stairs.

The bathroom has been beautifully constructed. River stones have been used to create a feature shower which also doubles as a tub for the kids. The composting toilet has a hatch in the side of the house which allows the bucket to be removed and replaced without needing to drag it through the home.

One of the more unusual features is a completely seperate kids bedroom, which is placed right next to the master bedroom in the loft space. This provides the two kids with more than enough space to play and a comfortable place to rest their heads at night.

Next door, Mom and Dad sleep in their own luxurious private space. A large organic mattress dominates their simple yet beautiful master bedroom and a solo skylight gives them a view of the stars at night.

Another relatively unusual feature of this home, is the private office space located at the rear of the home. This gives the parents a quiet and separate area of the house to switch off from hectic family life and concentrate on their work.

Be sure to watch the full video tour above to learn more about this exciting home, as we get a full video tour from it’s builder.