Tiny House Radio Braking System

In this video, Ian from Monoway Trailers talks about the SE Brake Control Unit from Trail Parts. When our tiny house is complete, it’s expected to weigh close to 3.5 metric tonnes. For that reason, the brakes on our trailer are extremely important. The Trail Parts radio braking system allows us to take control of the brakes from within the cab of the towing vehicle, adjusting the sensitivity of the trailer brakes to make sure we always have the right amount of breaking power coming from the trailer. Most importantly, because the unit is radio controlled (and doesn’t need to be hard-wired into the towing vehicle like other units) we are able to use different towing vehicles at different times. After all, those who are downsizing their house often don’t want to upsize their cars!

TrailParts Brake Control Unit

Adjusting the braking power in the trailer is incredibly easy. Simply increase the gain when you need the trailer to increase the brake strength, and decrease the gain when you feel it’s braking too hard for the towing vehicle.

TrailParts Transceiver

The Brake Control Module is fitted to the trailer itself. It’s important that when installed it faces the direction of travel. This module is the brains of the entire system, controlling the brake’s and also sending and receiving information from the control unit in the towing vehicle.


If you ever get into a hairy situation, there’s a big red button to help you out. The emergency brakes can be applied to put the trailer to a stop in a hurry. It’s also a handy button to have to make sure your brakes are working before you set out on a journey.

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