Our Tiny House Trailer Build: We’re Almost There!

This week we catch up with the team at Monoway where our Tiny House Trailer has been making great progress. It’s not long to go now before our trailer is complete and we can begin framing the tiny house.

In this video we talk about some very important features of our trailer, such as the underslung truss, drawbar brace, suspension hangers and even skid pads.

Ian truly is a trailer guru and we consider ourselves very lucky to have him and his team working on this build!

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3 Responses to Our Tiny House Trailer Build: We’re Almost There!

  1. Mike

    Hi what size box section are you using on the trailer?

  2. Jonathan

    Thanks to the guys at Monoway for being so cooperative with posting videos.
    I shall be in touch.

    • Bryce

      Yeah, they truly are amazing. They have such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to trailer building, and we are really grateful that they are so happy to share it with us in these videos!

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