Tiny House

Young Woman’s Incredible Tiny Forever Home

While some build their tiny houses as temporary stepping stones, other builders are truly in it for the long haul. After falling in love with the concept of living in a tiny house and the freedom that it offered, Helen set about building her dream tiny forever home.

From the incredibly clever design, to the high quality materials and fixtures that have been used throughout, it’s clear that Helen has compromised on nothing in her tiny home. The design is slightly larger than a conventional tiny house on wheels, which has given her the freedom to be able to include some other great features, such as a storage hallway with plenty of space for hanging clothing and other items, as well as a fantastic dining table in her kitchen.

It’s clear that a lot of time has been put into the design of this home. It’s incredibly functional and very impressive in terms of the amount of features that have been built in. Within the relatively tiny footprint of this home, Helen has absolutely everything that she needs. There’s an impressive kitchen, a comfortable downstairs lounge, a large bathroom, a full sized closet, laundry area, plenty of storage throughout the home and even a second lounge loft with a media area. 

While still only young, Helen realised that a tiny house was the ideal long term living situation for her and put a tremendous amount of time into ensuring that the design was going to work for her for the foreseeable future. This home gives her the ability to move location should she need to for any reason, and is also large enough to be renovated for changes in living situation should need be.

Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) of this incredible tiny home on wheels to see all of the stunning features which truly make this a forever tiny home.