Tiny House

Transforming Tiny House Combines Beauty And Engineering For Artful Living

When Gauri Ma and Nirvana got married, they promised each other that they would walk in the way of beauty and I’m quite enamoured in that sentiment. Beauty surrounds us all, it’s in nature, it’s in our relationships and it’s within ourselves. Seldom though, do we truly strive to make our living environment as artful as it could be, a true extension of the beauty we are capable of creating. When constructing their tiny house on wheels, this couple ensured they lived up to their vows and they built a home which is as beautiful and artful as it is clever.

First, lets talk about the art of this home, because that is what immediately catches the eye. Everywhere you look, there are beautifully decorative touches. The first thing you notice when approaching the house is an ornate archway, which Nirvana actually crafted for the pairs wedding. This serves as a gateway between the home and the garden, and Nirvana says it serves as a nice reminder that the garden and the home are not only connected, but the garden is really just an extension of the home itself.

When you see the gardens that the couple have created, it’s easy to understand that concept. The gardens surrounding this tiny house are simply stunning. During our entire visit, the home was surrounded in a flurry of bees and butterflies, thanks to the tremendous pollinator friendly plants the couple have planted. The gardens are productive too, providing an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for the couple. They have also been stunningly landscaped, in such a way that they feel less like a vegetable patch, and more like a secret, sacred garden.

The tiny house itself was designed using sacred geometry to work out the proportions. Thanks to this ancient and powerful design principle, the home looks wonderfully in proportion to itself and this contributes to the sense of great design which permeates throughout the home, from it’s curved ends, to it’s wonderful wooden circular windows.

Stepping through the gateway and entering the home is equally enchanting. Immediately you’re greeted by a northern sun room, with recycled windows framing a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. The entire design of the home is open, allowing for easy flow and contributing to a wonderful sense of spaciousness. There’s a large kitchen, comfortable bedroom and a room to the west which will eventually become a shower room and access to the rear deck. There is plenty of storage throughout the home, and the home’s different levels creates some interesting zones. 

Behind the beauty of this home, is some true genius when it comes to it’s construction though. The house is designed with some modular components to allow it to easily be transported on the roads, but extend out with additional wings once the home is in place. In order to do this, some clever engineering elements have been added into the home, from gas struts to expand the roof, and the creation of a special winching system to lift the floor. The home’s design was somewhat influenced by the incredible transforming castle truck

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this stunning home on wheels in the video above to get a true sense of just how magical this space is. Enjoy the tour!