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Beautiful Train Caboose Inspired Tiny House At Portland Hotel

This spectacular railway train caboose inspired tiny house is packed full of history and unique character. Arthur the tiny house is the newest addition to the collection of wonderful tiny homes located at the Tiny Digs Hotel in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in tiny homes of all different shapes and sizes in order to test out downsized living and get ideas for their own homes.


Seeing so many tiny homes all located in the same space is quite an experience, especially when they are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a busy urban area. Each of the tiny houses has their own unique character and are specifically designed to show of as many tiny home design concepts as possible. Unlike a regular hotel where guests often just check into one room, at Tiny Digs the guests are encouraged to swap and stay in different tiny homes to experience what the designs have to offer.

Arthur, the newest tiny house to join Tiny Digs, is a 16′ (5m) tiny house on wheels that has been designed and built to resemble an old railway caboose. The interior of the home matches the bright yellow exterior which helps to give the entire space an undeniably uplifting feeling.

The home is fitted with a comfortable seating area, a small kitchenette with coffee as well as cooking and dining supplies and a full bathroom. This design also has several small writing desks allowing people space to work on computers or to spend time writing if they should choose.

The couch also has the ability to fold out into a queen sized bed, providing more than enough space inside the home for a small family to stay.

The bathroom is quite large for a tiny house and is packed full of character. Old railway spikes have been used in this room to create towel rails and the toilet paper holder, adding a nice bit of railway history into the design.

Once upstairs, the sleeping loft is open and spacious. The curved roof shape of the caboose style home allows plenty of head room which extends right the way out to the walls. There is additional storage space in the loft for and extra luggage.

All over the caboose house there are elements of rail-way history which have been either built into the home, or used to decorate the walls such as these old railways patient designs which have been framed.

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting place to stay in Portland, Tiny Digs is a must to check out. Even if you’re not thinking of living in a tiny house yourself, there is no denying the charm of trying one out for a weekend away. The homes at Tiny Digs may have been constructed as accomodations but the love that has gone into their design and construction is evident. Be sure to check out the full video tour of the tiny home above!