Tiny House

Stunning Tiny House With Amazing Pop Up Roof

This beautiful tiny house on wheels is packed with some very clever design, including an ingenious pop top roof which lifts up to give owner-builders Ben and Nat the ability to stand up in their sleeping loft. Built as a DIY project, this small home has lots to love and is all the young family needs. 

One of the things that I especially love about DIY build projects is that often we see so much innovation. When people are building their own home, they tend to be willing to go the extra mile to add in clever design features which professional builders may not be so keen to tackle. In this instance, a pop up roof system.

When the roof is down, the tiny house meets all of the legal height requirements for a vehicle in Australia, allowing it to easily be transported on the roads. Once parked up however, the roof can be lifted up, and a wedge / wall system is installed which is cleverly designed with all the flashings needed to keep the tiny house water tight.

Standing space in the loft helps to make the house feel even more like a home, but it’s only a small part of the beautifully designed home on wheels, which has a wonderful kitchen, comfortable lounge space, very functional bathroom and even a second sleeping loft for Ben and Nat’s daughter Charlie, which is currently in the process of having some additional safety features installed for the toddler.

A love of plants in the home is obvious. Although the family has just moved into the house, it’s already filled with plants which Nat has been tending to for months, getting them ready for move-in day and knowing exactly where each and every one of them would live within the home.

With the build of the home now complete, the next phase will see the addition of all the off-the-grid technology, including solar power, solar thermal water heating and a good sized battery system to allow the home to be completely autonomous.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this stunning tiny house above to find out more about it’s construction and wonderful design elements. You can also follow along with the family’s journey on Instagram.