Tiny House

Tiny House Gives Financial Freedom In Expensive City

In this weeks episode, we travel to the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada, one of the worlds most expensive real estate markets to meet an inspiring couple who took a leap of faith and decided to move into a tiny house on wheels, allowing them to now look forward to an early retirement. Early retirement is something that many of us dream about. Being financially free and with the youth to enjoy that freedom is a dream worth aspiring to. Nowadays, this seems like a far away dream for most of us, with skyrocketing house prices and wages lagging significantly behind that curve.

Luke and Leah got married at the young age of only 19 and 20, the couple went the traditional route in life, buying a house and having kids and falling into the trap of Vancouver’s expensive real estate market. After years in traditional housing, the couple discovered the concept of tiny house living and made the decision to take a leap of faith, and after their youngest child’s graduation, sell up their traditional home and instead build a tiny home on wheels.

The result is a stunning home, beautifully constructed with everything the couple needs. There’s a great sized kitchen filled with lots of storage and high quality appliances, a comfortable lounge area (with a giant television), a luxurious bathroom with soaking tub and two loft bedrooms.

As pet lovers, the tiny house is also home to four cats and a dog, which are all well considered in the design of the home. Connected to the lounge via a walk-way fixed into the window is a catio, which allows their feline friends to venture safely outside the tiny home without running into any confrontations with the surrounding wildlife.

Thanks to their spectacular new home and it’s affordable price tag, the couple are now in a wonderful position where, with only a few more years of work they will be able to retire before the age of 50, giving them plenty of years of health, downsized living and buckets of adventure to look forward to.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this stunningly beautiful home (above).