Tiny House

Tiny House Gives Young Family An Amazing Start

In this weeks episode we explore a beautiful, cottage-style tiny house located just outside of Oklahoma City. For a long time, Jeremy and Kasey had dreamed of building their own tiny house on wheels and several years ago that dream turned into a reality when Jeremy, a carpenter by trade, brought the couple’s paper sketches to life. 

Soon after, they were joined by an unexpected addition when their son Jaspen was born, and the couple set about modifying their homes design to accomodate the needs of a growing family. This home is packed full of very clever design and storage ideas, which make the tiny house feel spacious and ensure the family has lots of space to accomodate their needs.

In this video, we also explore the reality of life in a tiny house with a toddler, the challenges and the positive moments. Be sure to watch the full video tour of this beautiful tiny home (above). To follow this trio’s journey through life, be sure to follow them on Instagram.