In The Trees

The Pinecone Treehouse: A Spectacular Tiny Home In The Trees

As children, so many of us have dreamt of building homes or unique sanctuaries in the trees. There’s something about a treehouse which truly epitomises nature and our ability to live in harmony with our surrounding environment. This treehouse, a stunning and geometrically ornate structure shaped like a pinecone and suspended amongst the towering redwoods in California takes that dream to the next level.

The treehouse was constructed by master treehouse-builder Dustin Feider, who has been building for years and loves exploring the possibilities of treehouse architecture, especially when incorporating ornate geometry into the design. The parametrically designed pinecone treehouse which is in a shape called a zome, is a remarkable example of his work.

This treehouse is not a complete home, but instead was created as more of a get-away, or sanctuary space. In the treehouse itself, no kitchen or bathroom was added. Instead, the pinecone was kept as unencumbered as possible, to give it the feeling of being more like temple in the trees. Inside, there’s nothing other than a bed and bedside table. The rest is all unobstructed views through the geometrically ornate surrounding windows.

Fixed to the trees from eight different points, the treehouse is completely secure and has very little movement. It’s primarily constructed from a bolted steel frame, which is complimented by acrylic window panels, each uniquely shaped and cut to form the appearance of a pinecone. The process of attaching the treehouse to the redwoods is of course invasive to the tree, however when done correctly is not harmful in any way. In fact, the trees themselves strengthen around the attachment points and in a way re-engineer themselves together with the treehouse forming a beautiful synergy.

At the base of the treehouse is another bathroom in the trees, cleverly crafted with a remarkable outlook over the forest. This bathroom is kept entirely open, allowing views amongst the trees wether you’re showing against the redwood, or sitting on the composting toilet. From the pinecone treehouse, to the bathroom in the trees, everything in this place is designed to encourage a sense of both adventure, and connection to nature.

Be sure to check out the full video above to find out more about this spectacular treehouse, it’s design and construction. To find out more about Dustin and his work, you can visit his website here.