Small House

Beautiful Small ADU Home In Metro Vancouver

In this weeks episode we visit the incredible and charming Laneway home of Scott and Tania. This home is located in Metro Vancvouer, one of the most expensive places in the world to live. Here, the cost of housing has forced many people further outside of the city to find affordable options, however Scott and Tania were fortunate enough to be able to construct a Laneway home, giving them the ability to enjoy urban life in this bustling city.

Laneway homes are a form of accessory dwelling unit and were legalised in Vancouver as a way to create urban infill and help to densify the city. Typically constructed in urban backyards and facing onto lanes, these homes have become a popular option in the city.

In this case, Tania’s parents owned an urban property in Vancouver which was large enough to fit a Laneway home, making it possible for the couple to consider the option. Constructing the laneway in this case created a kind of multigenerational living, where the parent’s provided the land resource, and in tern Scott and Tania’s investment in the laneway pushed up the value of the section. Now, they each have their own space, but are able to come together to socialise when they choose.

At 498 square feet (or 46 square meters), this charming home has everything the couple needs. There is a good sized kitchen which opens up onto a lounge and living area. Adjoining these rooms is an office, where Tania is able to work from home in her own clothing business. Scott is lucky enough to also work nearby, creating music in a basement studio which he has set up in the main house.

Upstairs, is a bedroom, with a balcony which opens out onto the street and gives a lovely view of the park across the street. Here, despite being right in the heart of an urban area, the couple has all the privacy they need and the ability to feel worlds away from it all.

Be sure to check out the full video story (above) to check out the clever design which has gone into creating this stunning laneway home.