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From Trash To Treasure: Amazing School Bus Conversion Using All Reclaimed Materials

This spectacular school bus conversion is absolutely one of a kind. The Liminal Caravan has been constructed entirely from reclaimed and salvaged materials, mostly things which were found in hard rubbish. The resulting conversion though, is an absolutely mind-blowing skoolie which serves as a wonderful family home, filled with thousands of treasures.

This bus was constructed by Brandon together with his partner Jennifer, who were determined to not purchase new materials and participate in the consumer cycle while building this home. Amazingly, this old school bus was actually the very one which used to drive Brandon to primary school.  The roof was raised to the height of a double decker bus, giving a wonderful feeling of space inside the home while still remaining under the legal limit for ease of moving around.

This skoolie conversion has absolutely everything needed for it to be a fully functional family home. The only thing missing from the bus is a shower and toilet, however as they spend up to nine months a year stationary for the kids schooling, they tend to build a compositing toilet and shower on site.

Within the walls of the bus are literally thousands of items. Treasures which have been given new artistic life in the home. It was important that the home had as much character as possible. They originally set out with the idea of not allowing anything less than 50 years old in the bus.

Be sure to check out the full video story above to find out the complete story about this enchanting home. For more information, visit the Liminal Caravan website.