Tiny House

Olympic Athlete and Furniture Maker Build Beautiful Tiny Home

This dynamic young couple are both used to tackling big projects, and their latest victory is a stunning tiny home on wheels! Eve is an olympic athlete, while her partner Chris has a business crafting beautiful solid timber furniture. Together, the couple decided to build their own home after having to leave their apartment.

The home is beautiful and was designed with the help of Eve’s sister who is an architect. Within the small footprint of this tiny house on wheels is absolutely everything that Eve and Chris needs. The home has a living room with clever fold out couch designed to double as a spare bed and which can also be converted into seating for a table capable of seating 10.

There’s a sleeping loft, bathroom and a large and functional kitchen. Under the stairs to the sleeping loft, clever cabinetry even hides a washing machine. In the winter, the home is heated by a wonderful little wood stove.

After competing in the last Olympic games, Eve fell into depression. Having a project like the tiny house build was incredibly valuable, as it gave her a positive project to focus on and ultimately the tiny home build helped to lift her out of a dark space.

The couple have always dreamed of building their own home and together they made it happen. This build was also realised for a great price, thanks to all of the DIY labour and the hours spend searching for second hand materials and deals on timber for the project.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this stunning DIY tiny house on wheels above. To find out more about this project, you can visit the couple’s website.