Off The Grid

An Amazing Off The Grid Tiny House Tour

At 15 Square meters and completely off the grid, Brett Sutherland has constructed a true, off the grid tiny house treasure. Packed with unique, space saving design elements, Brett has created a fantastic space to both live and work.

Perhaps best of all, this was all achieved on a budget of NZ$21,000. The off the gird tiny house was constructed on his parents property, and will soon be moved to a friends property in Bethells Beach in Auckland.

This modern tiny house is filled with treasures obtained over a lifetime of adventure, and may just be the ultimate bachelor pad.

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Brett's Tiny House

Brett's House Ends

Brett's Tiny Living Room

Brett's Tiny House Kitchen

Brett's Tiny House Kitchen 2Brett's Tiny House BathroomBrett's Tiny House Loft

Brett's Tiny House Top View

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