Off The Grid

$10,000 Off-The-Grid Tiny House With HUGE Solar System

In this weeks episode, we explore the incredible off-the-grid tiny house of Glade, Cloe and their two young children. This spectacular home, sits on a lovely 12 acre property  just outside of Melbourne, Australia and is completely off the grid, generating all of its own power from a huge solar system which sits on the home’s roof. 

I certainly never expected to see a tiny house on wheels with such a large solar array. Incredibly, this home on wheels has an astounding 4kw of solar panels sitting on the roof, paired with 36kw of lead acid batter storage. This home generates enough electricity to power not only all of the required modern appliances, including air conditioning but also a tiny house building workshop which is also located on the property.

The home was constructed by Glade and Cloe, almost entirely from materials which were found in hard rubbish. With the vast majority of the construction materials being recycled and reclaimed, and with all the labour done by the couple, the home was able to be built for an amazing budget of only AU$10,000 – not including the solar system.

This pioneering couple decided to construct a tiny house on their 12 acre property after being inspired to pursue a more simple life, where they could spend more time at home with their children, and live closer to the land, homesteading and growing much of their own organic food.

Wonderfully built and filled with beautiful timbers and clever design this tiny house is ideal for family life. There are two lofts, a great sized kitchen where Cloe is able, not only to cook, but also to do her preserving and life out the homestead dream, and plenty off space for the children to play and for the couple to entertain. 

With Glade’s background as a stone mason, the couple eventually plan to construct a small stone home on the property and decided to build the tiny house as stepping stone, allowing them to get onto their land and have a place to live while their home on foundations is constructed.

Having really enjoyed the process of building his own tiny house, Glade wanted to share the journey with others, and has started his own tiny house construction company, where he builds tiny homes for others from a workshop on his property. Working from home now affords Glade the wonderful situation of being able to spend much more time with his family, watching his children grow up and enjoying all the little moments together.

Be sure to check out the full video tour of this stunning tiny house (above).