Tiny House

Mother And Daughter’s Wild Tiny House Adventure

Starting a new life takes a lot of courage. Selling your family home, building a tiny house on wheels, downsizing your possessions and driving that tiny home right across the country to a new province can be an incredibly scary feat, and yet that’s exactly what this inspiring mother and daughter duo did.

After seeing tiny homes on television and being inspired by others’ stories of downsizing and finding more freedom in life through tiny living, Sarina and her teenage daughter Madisyn decided to follow suite. The allure of adventure and starting a new life in a new place was too strong and the pair embarked on their very own tiny house building journey, purchasing plans online and then creating a home which perfectly suited their needs.

Once the home was completed, the pair then embarked on the 2000km (1245 mile) journey from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Penticton, British Columbia, crossing the country with the tiny house to find a brand new back-yard in which to park their tiny house and a new playground for their fresh start in life. Eventually, they settled in an RV park, with a spectacular view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

The house itself is beautiful. There are duel sleeping lofts giving the pair ample space, a good sized kitchen, a comfortable living room and a good sized bathroom with bath-tub. Here, Serina let her creative flair loose on the house, decorating in her dream style and refurbishing and up-cycling a lot of the furniture herself, some from items which were taken from her previous, much larger home.

Be sure to check out the full video tour (above) to find out more about this charming home and this inspiring mother daughter duo. For more information, you can follow their wild tiny house adventures on Instagram.