Small House

Modern Living in a Small Family Home

As house and land prices move further out of reach for so many, multigenerational living is becoming a really popular option, as families come together to share land and resources. In this weeks video tour, we explore a stunning modern small family home which has been beautifully constructed in a suburban backyard.

The 60 square meter (646sqft) home was built by Bianca and Anthony, who after the birth of their first child wanted to live more affordably and also wanted to be closer to family. They employed family friend Nicholas Gurney to design their new family home.

As accessory dwelling units become more popular, we are seeing some truly wonderful designs take shape. Often referred to as backyard architecture, these homes are often stylish and incredibly well thought out spaces. Nicholas has done a spectacular job in designing this home, which is modern, constructed from very high quality materials and which has been wonderfully designed to meet the family’s needs. 

Although the home is situated in the backyard of another dwelling, the home has been well designed to maintain privacy from the main residence and giving the residence a great sense of privacy. It’s northern facing aspect allows the home to look out and open up onto the expansive garden, and take full advantage of the solar gains.

Stepping inside, the home is open and spacious, with a very open plan living room, dining area and kitchen as the central focus of the home, There’s also a master bedroom, child’s room, office and bathroom, each with enough space to feel comfortable, and with each of these rooms connecting to the central living area.

I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this stunning small backyard home. I’m a really huge fan of multigenerational living. Yes, it’s great that it helps to reduce the cost of living and enables sharing of land and resources, but what I love most about it, is the way that it helps to bring families closer together. Anthony and Bianca’s son Noah will get to grow up around his Grandparents, and his Grandparents will likewise be there to watch him grow up and that is perhaps the greatest design feature this home has to offer.