Container House

Incredible Shipping Container Home By The Sea Is A Small Space Marvel

After traveling many vast and open oceans a 40ft shipping container landed on the shores of New Zealand in what was to be it’s final voyage. There, it was purchased by a young couple with a grand vision of converting it into a spectacular home. While the container’s travels may have ended, it’s journey had just begun.

One of the things that I love about container homes is the story they tell. On the side of this container home are a series of numbers, which owners James and Kim kept to show it’s history. These numbers can be traced to follow the journey of the home, which started it’s life in China, and travelled many oceans before arriving in New Zealand where it was converted into a tiny house.

James and Kim are a dynamic young couple who had a big vision for their little home. Each and every inch of the space has been cleverly designed to add both beauty and function into the space. The home has a large kitchen area, a bathroom and a very multifunctional lounge area which boasts a comfortable seating / entertainment space. Underneath this, is a pull out double bed where the pair rest their heads at night, and even lots of storage and seating space for a transforming table which folds out from a cubby behind the kitchen draws – an impressive amount of function for such a small space.

Throughout the home there are also many beautiful artistic features, such as the stunning engravings on the roof which were drawn by Kim, who also works as a children’s book illustrator, which add a tremendous amount of character and personality to the home.

Although constructed from a 40ft shipping container, the house is actually only about 30ft long, as the container had to be chopped down to be situated on site and meet local council regulations for boundary clearance. Often, we hear about struggles with tiny homes and local council offices, however fortunately in this case there is a very positive story to tell, as James and Kim were able to work well with local council who were excited about the project and helpful in making sure it could be made possible legally.

The container is elevated above two 20ft shipping containers. One which acts as storage, and one which houses the couples business, a boutique t-shirt design and printing company. Around the container, they have constructed a large deck, with lots of plants and even an outdoor tub, providing some wonderful outdoor living area.

After three years of living in the house, James and Kim welcomed a new member of the family, a baby girl. The couple set about transforming the home yet again and adapting the space to accomodate the new member, showing just how versatile these small homes can be. Adding things such as a nursery and even a baby changing table, the container house is now a wonderful home for this young family.

This home is a brilliant testament to how good spatial design can really help to give a very small home a tremendous amount of function, and it’s occupants a phenomenal quality of life. Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) to see just how clever and artistic the home is.

Kim has also recently published a children’s book about a puffin architect who teaches two youngsters how to design their own tiny house. Be sure to check that out!