Container House

This Healthy Tiny Home Gives A Young Family A Bright Future

When this young family weighed up their housing options, they wanted something which was non-toxic, environmentally friendly and affordable. A tiny home on wheels was the perfect solution and they set out to construct a brilliantly designed home, constructed with high quality, healthy materials.

This spectacular tiny home on wheels was built collaboratively as part of a healthy tiny house building workshop where people came together to learn skills to build their own homes. The workshop was lead by Ben Garratt of Tiny Healthy Homes in Vancouver and attracted workshop participants from all over the world. These workshops are a fantastic way for people to get stuck into a build project and learn under the guidance of skilled craftsmen, empowering people to eventually be able to construct tiny homes of their own.

All of the materials that went into the build of this tiny house were sourced as being eco-friendly and non-toxic. Tiny Healthy Homes specialises in builds for people who are chemically sensitive, which means that inside these homes there are no volatile compounds or anything which may cause irritation to the people who live in the home.

Stepping inside the home you’re welcomed by the warm wooden interior. Pine boards cover the walls and ceiling and are stained using hemp oil. The tiny house has a wonderful wooden aroma with a hint of sweetness from the oil. A large sofa has been strategically positioned at the end of the home, giving a comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by while capitalising one the properties spectacular golden sunsets.

The kitchen is designed to be functional and open. The space has a large countertop with breakfast bar (the photo shows the incomplete kitchen with the final bench yet to be fitted) a sizeable fridge, oven and washing machine. Several of the appliances have cleverly been built into the stairs to save space in the kitchen allowing for extra cupboard storage.

Beyond the kitchen lies a large bathroom complete with vanity, full sized shower / bath tub and a composting toilet. A second doorway has also been built into this room giving the family an alternative access to the home. In the future, they plan to build a large deck to surround the home and include an outdoor hot tub.

Upstaris the sleeping loft has been extended to allow enough space for both parents to sleep, while also giving enough space for their child to sleep in the same space. For now, this gives the sleeping loft a spacious and open feeling.

The child’s cot which shares the room gives the parents the ability to be close to their infant and keep an eye on her at night. The space has been designed in a way that as the child grows, they could easily enclose part of this space, giving the child her own room in the future.

Be sure to check out the full video tour above to see more details of this beautiful homes construction!