Tiny House

Couple’s Debt-Free Life In A Stunning $18,000 Tiny House

SB and Matt are a young and dynamic couple, who after getting married decided to build a tiny house on wheels before moving to Colorado from Oklahoma in order to avoid the incredibly high rent prices. Working together to build their home, they were able to do the vast majority of the labour themselves. Matching that with some thrifty material sourcing, they managed to construct their home for the amazingly affordable price of only $18,000.

When it come to finding a parking spot in Colorado, they eventually found an RV park which was also home to several other tiny houses. Here, they pay less than half the rent they would pay if they were renting in town allowing the couple to live debt free and care free. Their plan is to eventually purchase land for themselves but for right now, the RV park is a simple and comfortable solution.

Inside, their home is beautifully built. There’s a large galley style kitchen which is well designed for two people to be able to cook together. There’s a large lounge, bathroom and a sleeping loft accessed by compact stairs and plenty of space for storage.

The tiny house has been cleverly designed and has been filled with great space saving features. There’s plenty of storage built in under the sofa, which also is able to fold out and transform into a guest bed, there is clothing storage space under the stairs and lots of room for addition items in the she storage loft above the sofa. There’s also a dining table which folds down from the wall to provide a place to eat, as well as a work-space when needed.

Friends and family were at first apprehensive about the couple’s decision to build and live in a tiny house, as they felt it would put strain on the newly married pair. Fortunately, thanks to some great design, the couple are perfectly happy living together in their little home.

We never know what the future will hold, but for this young couple, building a tiny house has given them some wonderful options. As a first home, it’s incredibly affordable and a true investment in their future. Being on wheels, they are able to take their home wherever they go giving them the opportunity to trial new living situations and new places. Unlike pouring money into rent, when they are ready to change things up, they will be able to sell their home and use the money to move onto their next phase of life. Be sure to watch the full video tour of their stunning home above.